Common Core nightmare in science: Climate change indoctrination hits 13 states

Several U.S. states are noticing a troubling thread in Common Core science lessons: an attempt to convince students that climate change is real.

Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have now signed on to Common Core’s Next Generation of Science Standards, according to Fox News. And tucked inside the new guidelines is global warming-speak with definitive ties to the U.S. government.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

While publicly billed as the result of a state-led process, the new science standards rely on a framework developed by the Washington, D.C.-based National Research Council. That is the research arm of the National Academy of Sciences that works closely with the federal government on most scientific matters.

All of the National Research Council’s work around global warming proceeds from the initial premise of its 2011 report, “America’s Climate Choices” which states that “climate change is already occurring, is based largely on human activities, and is supported by multiple lines of scientific evidence.” From the council’s perspective, the science of climate change has already been settled. Not surprisingly, global climate change is one of the disciplinary core ideas embedded in the Next Generation of Science Standards, making it required learning for students in grade, middle and high school.

James Taylor, a senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute, said the Common Core guidelines present a one-sided argument as fact without providing necessary context, according to Fox News.

“From kindergarten to high school graduation, they are pushing one side of the scientific discussion,” Taylor told Fox News. “They’re pushing an alarmist agenda that says humans are the major cause of global warming.”

Students are taught by fifth grade that rising temperatures will affect all humans, and by eighth grade, they’re taught that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are a major factor in global warming.

Taylor said the federal government’s attempt to indoctrinate young minds is the kind of overreach that happens when Big Brother takes over.

“Once you take the education decisions out of the hands of local teachers and put them in the hands of activists in the federal government, you have these types of ridiculous statements,” Taylor told Fox News.

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126 thoughts on “Common Core nightmare in science: Climate change indoctrination hits 13 states

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Why not use their own latest report that debunks this false narrative by 900% with their own numbers?
    What a total waste of time and money to do nothing but line the pockets of the elitists like Al Gore.

    1. Andy Thomas says:

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    2. TexasJester says:

      Might check your zeros – I think you meant “90%”..

      I do agree with your statement..

      1. Kenneth Clark says:

        No 900%. They state that over the last, I believe, 20 years there has been a .001°C Temperature increase. Their published margin of error is .01°C. That equates to 900%

        1. TexasJester says:

          Oh – I misread what you said. I was thinking you said “900% of their members”, meaning 900% of the people.

          Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Rip Rogers says:

    The Bush family likes and supports Common Core and always has as do other RINOS.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      WAKE UP!

    2. AmyMViera says:

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  3. Nell Reece says:

    I have decided. All deniers are mentally ill. There’s no other explanation.

    1. SusieQ says:

      That’s your opinion and worth about as much as the claim of manmade climate change, nothing. It cannot be proven and you know it. If you don’t then I would really start rethinking about who is mentally ill.

      The sky is falling theory is starting to erode along with the nuts who have cost this country and others a fortune that could have been better spent. Control issue is the name of the game of this hoax

      1. Ben Franklin says:

        SuzieQ – climate science does not say the sky is falling; it says the sky is warming up. And understand why – because of more carbon dioxide which was released by burning fossil fuels that were buried beneath the ground for millions of years.

        1. SusieQ says:

          Oh boy! I’ve brought out all the climate change nuts. Go to a place where this bull is welcome. Never convince me of something that is not a settled science and they can’t prove it why? There are not records that go back far enough to prove their computer predictions and you know that.

          You guys are so naive. I’m sure the Gores of the world have a picture that is the general depiction of the believer on his desk and the caption underneath reads “sucker”.

          1. Ben Franklin says:

            Is that your code word to get other people in line SusieQ? Just bring up Al Gores name and accuse people of being nuts and naive. Your argument against climate change is empty, and people that reason and fight for our liberty and logical discussions can see through it.

          2. SusieQ says:

            That’s right Al Gore the granddaddy of this present day irresponsible movement that you cling to. All driven by politics and vast amounts of money to control people via environmental rules and regulations. Forty years ago ding bat politicians were saying we would not be here today with food and shelter, surprise! We made it.

            Obama is only so pleased to accommodate and when he’s gone so goes most of this idiocy.

            If we don’t have a planet populated by people what’s the point anyway. He’s trying his darn best to make sure there is someone to really make a lot of pollution. Say weapons to whip up some real pollution. You have all been had.

          3. Ben Franklin says:

            SusieQ, I need to correct some history for you. Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was released in 2006. He is not the grand daddy of climate change. Dr. Keeling first accurately measured carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere in the late 1950’s; the First Assessment Report – summarizing the scientific literature at the time – was released in 1990. These were way before Al Gore was producing his movie. We have known about climate change for over 25 years now, and the direct measurements are simply confirming the main underlying principles. It is time for conservative voices to read the science and help find real solutions that match our values.

          4. DenverRegis says:

            Some correct history for you Ben. Al wrote Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit in 1992 to start his campaign and pushed his global warming all through the 90’s. He pushed this the whole time he was vice president. And I remember very well in the 70s when we were going into the ice age. Do you want to talk about that Ben?

          5. Ben Franklin says:

            DeverRegis – is 1992 before or after 1990? Before or after the 1950’s? For a good history of the developments in climate science that are the foundation of climate change, see Section 1.4 of the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report at
            Regarding the news articles in the 1970s about global cooling – they were just that – some news articles. There was not the consensus in the scientific community (like the joint statements from international Academies of Science), nor the consensus documents like the IPCC reports. While you may not be willing to study the history, I hope the other readers take some time and look at the link – it’s an interesting read.

          6. Friend Of St. Frank says:

            There is no consensus now, you fool. And, if there were, that would be a bad thing-take a great course in the history of science and your little world will be shaken-you will discover just how unscientific ‘science’ is. As Albert Einstein said, “science is 5% knowledge and 95% imagination.”

            None of the sciences, there are many you see, can prove causality or have a consensus about causality, for example”
            Does cold weather cause pregnancy or does pregnancy cause cold weather?
            Is hot weather caused by ice cream eating or does hot weather cause people to eat ice cream?
            Does sweat cause basketball or does basketball cause sweat?
            Correlates not causes.
            Give me your path analysis studies to prove your ‘research’. Something anyone can replicate. Tell me how you ruled out all factors but human action-volcano for example. How did you test the validity and reliability of your studies-spearman’s rho? A factor analysis, perhaps?

            I bet you don’t even know what I am talking about, do you? So much for your knowledge of science. Oh, and you did know Darwin was proven wrong in his theory several years ago, right? After all by doing dna studies on chimps, humans and pre non chimp non-human ancestors, scientists now believe-note the word believe-that is humanity is millions of years old, and evolved from 2 non-human non-chimp ancestors that intermixed. And, the outlier is not humans but how did the chimp ever involve from it? As for Africa and Africans being the source of the beginning humans-nope, wrong again-Asians-asians were the first human like race.

            Nope, science is just like magic and prayer-sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t-remember, you have to ‘believe in’ it.

            One more thing-do you prefer quantum, chaos or string theory as best explaining the creation of the universe? Can you even tell me what they are?

          7. DenverRegis says:

            If they were personal emails, fine. But he was publicly funded for those studies and was not on his personal email, but business email. He should turn them over voluntarily but won’t. The liberals are all alike. Hillary with her private server for official business. I guess we have no right to those either.

          8. SusieQ says:

            Have to keep up the charade for those who just want to breeze by and accept the gospel spoon fed them by leftist, Most in this country have not a clue what you are referring to.

          9. DenverRegis says:

            When the New York Times leaked the hacked information about how we were tracking the money trail of the terrorists, the left said it was their right to print them, that the people had a right to know. Now with Dr. Mann, no right to know all personal. They are chameleons, change to whatever suits their position. The sad part is that is was really effective, and we were catching the bad guys because of it. How many people died because this program ended and we did not catch bad guys before they killed. The New York Times also published how we were tracking Bin Laden through his cell phone. That is when he turned off his phone. But the liberals didn’t complain about that, and then we had 9/11.

          10. SusieQ says:

            I remember that. If there is punishment one day for these traitors they deserve whatever is fitting for their, yes crime.

            Take Hillary for instance. Another that should probably go to jail. That is if the entire truth is ever learned on how she has exposed the U.S. to unknown dangers with her greed and her attempt to cover her trail of lies.

          11. DenverRegis says:

            A little more history. Why won’t they release the emails of Dr Mann. Is it because the few that were released looked very bad for the climate warming, change whatever you call it now cause and the rest would have been totally catastrophic. If there is nothing to hide, why will they not release those, that is my question that I do not think anyone will like the answer too.

          12. Ben Franklin says:

            I get really tired of people that claim to protect people’s rights only when it is convenient. DenverRegis – you must support public review of all personal information. Personally, I believe we have some right to have personal and private communications. Dr. Mann was never accused of any wrong doing and there is no reason my e-mails, or your e-mails, or his e-mails should be turned over to the public or the government for open examination in an attempt simply to smear any of the three of us. Either you believe in personal rights of privacy or you do not.

          13. SusieQ says:

            Nothing will be resolved involving transparency of information that we are entitled to until we get someone of high caliber in the White House. I meant this for DenverRegis.

          14. SusieQ says:

            I said present day. You know what I meant. The one the brain dead can quote and identify with in their pursuit of justifying the false belief that is now being taught as gospel. For years the boogie man has been telling us we are going to all die because of global warming
            or whatever name it was then and before then. Give it a rest and please find someone else to pester.

          15. Friend Of St. Frank says:

            But, as an ecologist, in the 60’s the ‘climate change’ was global cooling not global warming. Further why the air car (runs on compressed air) the solar car such as the googly, the motorcycle driven car such as snyder that gets 86 miles to the gallon,the hydrological car, the central heat and air that runs of trash, the electric toilet and other innovations being kept out of this country? And scientist are also rather concerned about over population due to migration, the enormous ecological disasters that result from large scale wind and solar (you surely know about that)-i mean, the white house has given solar and wind a 30 year pass on the ecological damage they cause. Why do we push electric cars that poison the earth as much gas car poisons the air?

            I am a Ph.D. ecologist and demographer and I can tell you rather a lot that your poor little group think brain could understand-just this one thing to think about-those who BELIEVE IN climate change are causing much more damage to the planet and the environment that those who don’t believe in it-true fact. So, if you are so concerned about Michael Mann’s hockey stick crap that no one could duplicate but made the ‘big study’ for the politically correct thought police to push, why do you and the environmental exploitation agency (former EPA) keep destroying the environment? What a silly thing to do.

          16. SusieQ says:

            I see the “experts” did not feel the need to defend their stance to you. That speaks volumes.

          17. barbersurgeon says:

            A footnote. The first published calculations on the temperature effects of increased C02 date from 1896. My father, who was a biologist, remembers a plenary lecture at a 1971 conference on the prospect of anthropogenic global warming. As Ben Franklin points out, Al Gore was late to the party.

          18. TexasJester says:

            Slight problem – at that point, the scientists were starting to talk about global COOLING, not warming.

            By 1975, there was full-blown panic about trying to warm the earth, because if we didn’t, we would begin a new ice age. In 1975, it was predicted that most of the Grain Belt growing areas in the world would be permafrost, and there wouldn’t be enough food – starvation rations would have people rooting. By 1990, hundreds of millions of people were to have starved to death. By 2000, glaciers would be creeping into the US from Canada. By 2015, glaciers 20 feet thick would be as far south as St Louis.

            I’m in South Dakota right now, a fair bit north of St. Louis’ latitude – no glaciers. And what is it with you liberals about that “20 feet” number? “Glaciers 20 feet thick”, “sea level rise of 20 feet” – I guess it’s big enough to scare the sheeple yet small enough the sheeple’s minds can grasp it…

            In 1980, numerous ideas were floated around to warm the earth, including mirrors put into space to reflect more of the sun’s rays onto earth. In 1982, “climate scientists” we’re testifying before Congress, insisting we do something RIGHT NOW!!! to warm the earth.

            Not 10 years later, those same scientists were testifying before Congress, again – this time with dire warnings about what will happen if we don’t start COOLING the earth!

            And guess what: THE EARTH IS COOLING. It’s has cooled about 1° C since 2000.

            You people simply CANNOT figure out climate goes in CYCLES. It cools; it warms; it cools; it warms; it cools – in about 30-year cycles.

            There was an article published (I believe) in the New York Times, about the serious warming of the oceans, the polar bears would be extinct in just a few years, the oceans were too warm for seals, glaciers were melting at a rapid rate – and the article was published in 1922 – 93 YEARS AGO!

            You people just do not know what you’re talking about.

          19. barbersurgeon says:

            Um, sure. Okay, let’s work this through. Paragraph 1: please supply references to peer-reviewed research (you’ll need a lot of them, since there are literally hundreds of studies published each year that support the AGW hypothesis).

            Paragraph w. This is not true. The global-cooling hypothesis got a lot of press coverage, but it was a decidedly minority position, and the research pointing in the other direction was by far dominant.

            3. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

            4. Oh, I give up. Your post is mind-numbingly wrong in every detail–except possibly the claim that you are in South Dakota. 2014 was the hottest year on record, and the first three months of 2015 are on track to make this year even hotter. The idea that the earth has cooled 1 degree C in 15 years is just delusional.

          20. TexasJester says:

            Global cooling media reports from 1970s

            “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.”
            – Leonard Nimoy, 1978

            News articles*:
            1970 – Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age – Scientists See Ice Age In the Future (The Washington Post, January 11, 1970)
            1970 – Is Mankind Manufacturing a New Ice Age for Itself? (L.A. Times, January 15, 1970)
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            * A couple of the news stories are duplicates in different papers with slightly different titles, this is intentional to show that these types of stories were not isolated to a certain regional paper.


          21. barbersurgeon says:

            I really, seriously, can’t see what Spock or a bunch of journalists have to say on the matter. Citing a bunch of newspaper articles (though I’m pretty sure the link is fake) from the 70s as though they somehow render invalid literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers is, frankly, crazy. I know I’m sounding exasperated here, but I can’t understand why so many climate change deniers do this sort of thing.

          22. TexasJester says:

            How old are you? (I’m 51 – I was in high school when, as a social studies class, we watched some of the hearings on global cooling in Congress on TV. I was a library aid in high school – my job was to archive the magazines. Not only did we have your regular news-stand magazines, but also scientific, medical, and legal journals. I got to look in them. I read articles about how to warm the earth in the scientific journals. In junior high, I got to take meteorology as a science class – this would have been in 1977. One of the things taught – and were in the school textbooks – was the the earth was freezing.) I ask your age, because if you were born later than 1982-1985, you have no experience of climate cycles to draw on.

            READ some of the articles in that list. They ALL have sources.

            You’re “pretty sure” the link is fake?? I provide sources and you won’t even check it out??? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???

          23. barbersurgeon says:

            I’m 54, but age doesn’t equate to anything in this matter, nor do our fallible memories. What matters is research by people who have relevant expertise, check their bias at the door, and conduct well-designed research that stands up first to peer review and then to attempts at invalidating it. In this case, sources in general really don’t matter–only reliable ones (i.e. research studies) do. There were plenty of news items from the early 80s that said Elvis was alive, and they had interviews from people who said they’d seen him in some laundromat or McDonald’s or something–didn’t make it true.

            I should have been clearer and more polite in my comment about the link. (I’m used to a certain kind of student who fakes citation and should have given you the benefit of the doubt.) I did check the link you sent, but it led only to a general list of publications from IAEA. Even if the sources you’d mentioned had been listed, it wouldn’t have made them into research sources.

          24. TexasOlTimer says:

            When one discounts all reports except those that support their viewpoint, one is blind and deaf to any reports that may discount that viewpoint. I know you’ll discount this completely because it’s not on your ‘approved list of sources’ which apparently are only those that support your point of view. However, for others out there….

            Al Gore, based on the falsified ‘hockey stick’ charge that East Anglia produced by ignoring any data that didn’t fit their preconceived conclusion, predicted by now all the ice at the poles would be gone. Instead, based on NASA reports, it’s growing and there’s more ice than at any time since they’ve been recording it.

            Read your history… this has been going on for centuries – the Little Ice Age that begin in 1310 and was fully underway by 1350 was left out of East Anglia’s data – it didn’t fit. However, the Norse were settling and farming in the southern parts of Greenland – until 1310 when the sea began to freeze. After that no ships could get through the ice with supplies and Greenland froze over so that the Norse that lived there died out. Grapes for wine were grown in northern England rivaling the wine in France – which they whined about. After the Little Ice Age began, that no longer happened. We’ve been coming out of the Little Ice Age ever since and still haven’t reached the temperatures prior to that.

            We have smaller cycles of warming and cooling as well. There are reports of the earth ‘on fire’ with global warming in the 1920s. It cooled again in the late ’30s and early ’40s. Then warmed again until the ’70s when it cooled so that scientists were predicting a ‘frozen earth.’ They even wanted to put mirrors in space to send more of the sun’s rays to earth – CO2 being the culprit of the freezing earth. Now it’s ‘global warming’ – CO2 being he culprit again. Pretty good for a trace gas (far less than 1% of our atmosphere) which has the power to warm AND cool at will.

          25. TexasJester says:

            Well put – and what I was trying to convey in my sloppy, Og the CaveMan style..

            FYI, CO2 is about 400-450 ppm (parts per million) – or about 0.0004-0.00045%..

          26. TexasOlTimer says:

            Thanks – I never can remember just how many zeros there are after the decimal. It’s such a small amount.

          27. SusieQ says:

            You do know this is hopeless to try and reason with these robots don’t you ? Been down this road before.

          28. TexasOlTimer says:

            But of course… however, it helps to put the real information out there for those that might believe them not realizing they are robots/trolls…. besides sometimes it’s fun just to poke them.

          29. SusieQ says:

            Ha ha ha I do like to poke a bit I have to admit. The message is important also soooooo I agree with you all the way.

          30. SusieQ says:

            Did you happen to notice the two words” present day”. Meaning the hysteria of today by those who have Gore at their beck and call preaching the myth. That’s all most see so he’s “it”. Get a clue, do you actually think the majority of believers ever investigate anything , please.

          31. Rip Rogers says:

            Oh yeah, what happened to the “Ice Age” your Marxist proclaimed????!

          32. Marilyn Z says:

            Hey, SusieQ, Al Gore has a ginormous mansion that must cost a fortune in fossil fuels to heat. The Obamas and Clintons are ALWAYS flying around the world, but they want US to stop producing CO2. When these types sacrifice, then I will start believing. In the meantime, it has been a pretty good moneymaker for Gore and those in the Obama circle.

          33. SusieQ says:

            Absolutely Marilyn. I think the jig is up and on life-support as far as the Clintons and their ilk. As you can see on this page the libs are still kicking though. Hopefully in eighteen months this nonsense can be given the boot.

          34. Just_me_and_God says:

            If I recall the numbers correctly Al “Watermelon” Gore has EIGHT ginormous mansions and uses more electricity then all his rich neighbors in their ginormous mansions combined!

            A “Watermelon” is “Green” on the outside and “Red” on the inside!

          35. Marilyn Z says:

            EIGHT! WTH for?

            I thought watermelon referred to his girth.

          36. Just_me_and_God says:

            Girth — That too!
   — Notice the dates–
            Sunday, May 02, 2010
            Exclusive Photo Gallery: Check out the Carbon Footprint of Al Gore’s New Ocean-View Mediterranean Villa

            The Los Angeles Times reported last week that Al and Tipper Gore greatly expanded their carbon footprint with the purchase of their FORTH luxury home. The ‘global warming’ business has been very, very good to the Gores.

            From ABC News
            Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’? — A $30,000 Utility Bill
            Feb. 26, 2007
            By JAKE TAPPER
            Back home in Tennessee, safely ensconced in his suburban Nashville home, Vice President Al Gore is no doubt basking in the Oscar awarded to “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary he inspired and in which he starred. But a local free-market think tank is trying to make that very home emblematic of what it deems Gore’s environmental hypocrisy.

            Armed with Gore’s utility bills for the last two years, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research charged Monday that the gas and electric bills for the former vice president’s 20-room home and pool house devoured nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006, more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 kilowatt-hours.

            “If this were any other person with $30,000-a-year in utility bills, I wouldn’t care,” says the Center’s 27-year-old president, Drew Johnson. “But he tells other people how to live and he’s not following his own rules.”

          37. Marilyn Z says:

            Just another of those, do as I say, not as I do. Typical leftist elitist.

          38. Rip Rogers says:

            You Marxist are all alike, idiots!

          39. Rip Rogers says:

            What you need to worry about is when we American Patriots reclaim OUR freedoms and constitutional rights.

          40. TexasJester says:

            Ever notice that wheever al Gore goes to give a global warming speech, it SNOWS??

          41. SusieQ says:

            Don’t you hate when that happens? Ha!

          42. LittleRoot_48 says:

            God DOES have a sense of humor, doesn’t He? He is in control of everything that goes on around this planet, including weather and climate.

        2. DenverRegis says:

          Al gore stated in 2009 that the earth had 5 years at the most before all hell broke loose with the weather and climate and sea rise. He then continued to fly in his private jet and not just a few flights, kept his huge houseboat and house. If he truly believed what he said, he would have set the example and taken commercial, and moved into a smaller home. And I won’t mention the over 100 million dollars he made off the carbon credit companies he started as of 5 years ago. Until I see all these people that are selling climate change, change their lifestyles to show us they really believe what they say, I will not believe them and think of all you people that believe them are idiots.

          1. Ben Franklin says:

            DenverRegis, if you only read Al Gore, then no wonder you are not well informed. I suggest reading some actual material on climate change instead of simply citing a politician of any stripe.

          2. SusieQ says:

            None of these so called experts can agree on anything in unison. Hey, how about the naysayers and the scientist who came out recently and said it was a hoax. I know we don’t listen to differing opinions, right? When it’s been said by the left, why its written in stone. Have fun in fairy land. Clap and maybe Tinker Bell will fly around your head.

          3. Ben Franklin says:

            SusieQ, you are wrong again: “none of these so called experts can agree on anything in unison.” Please read the First Assessment Report, the Second Assessment Report, the Third Assessment Report, the Fourth Assessment Report and now the Fifth Assessment Report from the IPCC. These are not political left wingers – these are climate scientists agreeing and making statements in unison.

          4. SusieQ says:

            Please take your argument elsewhere I’ve heard it all before. Null and void and the babble of rich, very rich propaganda masters who can you believe it all leftist? What could possibly be their motive? Could they buy the scientists? You betcha! There are now scientist just as knowledgeable who have debunked this silliness and after much money wasted. That should make anyone furious. It makes me beside myself. Now go talk to someone as gullible as you are .

          5. Friend Of St. Frank says:

            You are hilarious-completely hilarious in your faith-read these reports, all these ‘climate scientists’ agree and parrot each other in unison, Wow. Tell me, do the demographers, ecologists, oceonographers, mathematicians, anthropologists, astro-physicists, marine biologists, geologists,etc. agree? Just the ‘climate scientists”, oh wow.

            Critical thinking dear-the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the brain simultaneously and see the merits and drawbacks of both-you are not there yet, said to say.

          6. Ben Franklin says:

            Friend, did you read the request – I was told that scientists never speak in unison. So when I site where they have spoken in unison you attack that. You are simply looking for any reason to avoid understanding the science. You work very hard to surround yourself with self-supporting dialogue.

          7. Rip Rogers says:

            Lies and death is all you Marxist live on.

          8. DenverRegis says:

            Rip, you left out one thing that Marxist’s live on, other peoples work and sweat.

          9. Rip Rogers says:

            It is impossible for people to do anything that would harm the climate of the whole world EVER!
            Set off every nuclear weapon at once and nothing would happen,,,stop your lies in our presence!

          10. Marilyn Z says:

            Dear Ben, until the big shots start sacrificing, I am not going to worry about it. Obama is all talk and no substance so it can’t be true.

          11. DenverRegis says:

            Like my posts earlier on how they lowered the temperature data to make it look like there was warming when there wasn’t, the article on the many many glaciers that are getting bigger, how the antartic ice is getting bigger, but the climate change advocates are saying it is growing because of global warming (the liberal nonsensical way).

          12. SusieQ says:

            How true. You will never penetrate the new growing phenomena of the extremely hard-headed, tunnel vision, leftist of today I’m afraid. That is impossible. Maybe when the umbilical cord (Obama) is cut in eighteen long months the ignorant cannot be fed their dumb down diet and will slink back from whence they came.

          13. Marilyn Z says:

            I liked it when they changed the name from global warming to climate change because the data refuted what they were spewing and they were looking very stupid.

          14. Rip Rogers says:

            I suggest you read real scientist materials instead of Marxist propaganda.

          15. Marilyn Z says:

            Sorry, Denver, I pretty much copied you without meaning to. Guess I am not very original…I do know I am often too lazy to read an entire thread before posting.

            All these people are just handing the money around to one another in DC. If they are puapers when they go there, they are soon extremely wealthy men.

          16. DenverRegis says:

            Almost all of them leave rich. They have the best retirement system in the world, they can trade the market on insider trading legally, make their crony deals. And then the talk about the evil banks, while they take their campaign contributions. There needs to be term limits. After independence, they would go serve one term, say it is the next guys turn, and return to take care of the farm.

          17. LittleRoot_48 says:

            It is called “do as I say, not as I do.”

        3. TexasJester says:

          Carbon Dioxide is a TRACE GAS – the current level is about 400 ppm – or 0.0004%. At this level, it is IMPOSSIBLE for CO2 to be a “greenhouse gas”, especially in a dynamic atmosphere as ours. To cause ANY kind of heating, CO2 levels would need to be in excess of 30% of the atmosphere – and that would have killed off all oxygen-breathing creatures on earth. It would take something so catastophic to cause the CO2 level to increase that much, that ALL life on earth would be killed off – something like an asteroid the size of Ceres hitting the earth.

          CO2 levels follow temperature trends by about 800-900 years. In other words, our current rise in CO2 levels mirrors the temperature rise from the Medieval Warming Period, about 800-1300 AD, just before the Little Ice Age that was from about 1300-late 1800s AD. This warming period saw temperatures 5-6 degrees C warmer than the warmest we saw in the 1990s – and was one of the most prosperous times in world history. Most of the massive cathedrals in Europe and Asia, as well as the monolythic Central American pyramids, were erected at this time.

          Something that has puzzled me for years is this: Who has decided that the temperature (and glacial levels) that the earth should be should be set at the end of an ICE AGE?? Besides, who really knows what the NORMAL climate of the earth is??? Perhaps our current temperature is 8 degrees C WARMER than we have now. Or 18 degrees. Or 5 degrees COOLER. Or 15 degrees. WE JUST DO NO KNOW.

          The planet has many ways to regulate its own temperatures. And one thing ignored by ALL climate scientists who are climate alarmist is the SUN. Until we can control the output of the SUN, we will NEVER be able to control the climate on earth. – And right now, the sun is going into a quiet cycle, one of the quietest in centuries. It’s expected that the earth is going to cool somewhat dramatically over the next 20-35 years, and the “polar vortex” we had last winter is going to be normal.

          1. SusieQ says:

            Very nice and informative.

          2. Marilyn Z says:

            Thanks, Texas. Are those rivers and streams and lakes going down now? Hope so. We have had sunshine near Dallas for several days and I am very thankful.

          3. TexasJester says:

            Where I live, yeah, a bit.

            I’m in South Dakota, where it hasn’t been raining that much, but it’s been raining off n on all day. It’s 60° right now (at 5:10 pm) – warmest it’s been all day!

        4. Rip Rogers says:

          No it does not, only the Mad-Marxist-Faux-Scientist speak that lie.

        5. Marilyn Z says:

          While we in the Western world are busy jousting at windmills, China, for one, keeps their vast skies so polluted you would think our government or the UN would go after them first. I wanted to go to China a couple of years ago and the Chinese travel agent told me it would be bad for my health.

          Anything the UN or our administration thinks needs change, we are the first ones they go after. Are they afraid of the Chinese?

          1. SusieQ says:

            Obviously they don’t care. The Chinese are creating islands and installing weapon posts on these islands off their coast. This is to extend their right to control airspace. Not a peep out of the chicken on the golf course.

          2. Marilyn Z says:

            Everyone is getting more and more aggressive…and why not? It seems there is nothing to fear on this continent.

          3. SusieQ says:

            Thats right. Thomas Sowell a journalist expressed one of his biggest fears is, should any foreign nation invade our country
            Obama would surrender. I’m inclined to agree.

          4. Marilyn Z says:

            I think he would fake a resistance for a bit, but if it were ISIS, I don’t think the resistance would last long. Nevertheless, there are enough armed American citizens in this country I think we could overcome any invader. No way would any foreign nation have that many in their invasion force…NO WAY. Their troops would be our cannon fodder.

            I am pretty good with a rifle myself, as are many of the women and even girls I know.

          5. SusieQ says:

            I haven’t used a rifle but pretty true with a gun. I’m glad I at least learned that. What used to seem like impossible is now possibly reality with this freak in charge. It could be internal. Or worse external threat after what happened on 9/11.

            One day everything is fine the next day 3000 dead in NYC and more. in related attacks. Our border Is essentially wide open it seems. Anything could happen. Just look at what has disintegrated in the last six years. You could not make this up.

      2. Nell Reece says:

        The proof is all around you. If you don’t see it it is because you don’t want to.
        Glaciers are retreating globally with few exceptions.
        The arctic sea ice is disappearing, so there’s a northwest passage now.
        West antarctic has become unstable.
        The jet stream is loopy, caused by warming arctic, causing record snowfall, rainfall and drought.
        Eventually you guys will wake up to this, because it’s gonna hit you in the pocketbook.

        1. SusieQ says:

          You don’t know what you are talking about . Even the proponents of the change theory say the the sea ice is expanding but the land ice is decreasing. I have doubts on anything they say but you should educate yourself before making such statements.

          One day you’ll wake up and and realize the only theory that is real is the theory of rich guys who have pulled the wool over your eyes as laugh on their way to the bank

          1. Ben Franklin says:

            SusieQ – your wrong again and Neil Reece is correct. Here is a good summary piece on sea ice showing the data:

          2. SusieQ says:

            Still no agreement is there? What’s a sane person to think? I tell you one thing for sure if Obama says it’s a real threat and he raring to go for it. It’s got to be a joke. He must get the best reports going. That’s all the testimony of lies that is required for proof of non- existence. No one knows a good scam like he does. Why is he choosing this as his mission? Don’t answer as there is more to discuss.

          3. Marilyn Z says:

            Love it!

          4. Nell Reece says:

            Ignorance will not protect you or your kids.

          5. SusieQ says:

            Oh my, sooo scary. Another chapter to “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”. I’ll warn the kids about the big bad wolf. Let’s see, is his name “Gore”? Fitting name for this subject of frightening people to death over nothing.

        2. Friend Of St. Frank says:

          oh my, dear, from a phd ecologist to you, you are an idiot. “Will hit you in the pocketbook”? You are a victim to an economic paradigm? Oh, my, I see where the problem is.

          1. Nell Reece says:

            It will hit you everywhere, but for you deniers, awareness will hit when it costs money.

        3. Rip Rogers says:

          Not true, that is all a lie from hell or should I say Marxist. The only thing that would change the climate is if the earth stopped spinning. Of course all would die then. It is not in the plan of Jesus to do this so I am not worried one blink.

          1. Nell Reece says:

            Hope you don’t have kids.

      1. SusieQ says:

        You guys love to try the condescending attitude of religion or education to prove you are brighter and understand the overblown theory of climate change.

        The truth is this, there are naive people who must have an important meaning in their life and climate change or liberalism as a means to appear sophisticated etc, appeals to that person. It is not working as we are witnessing and this will eventually fade into the sunset like all other half baked theories. In the meantime have fun with the “Earth Fables”.

        1. barbersurgeon says:

          Or possibly, we just trust the people who know stuff.

          1. SusieQ says:

            You trust people who just know”stuff”? Really? Tells me quite a bit about your logic.

            Obama’s favorite word “Stuff”that causes me to cringe when I hear a president say that juvenile word in a speech.

          2. barbersurgeon says:

            Sure, I trust people who know stuff. So do you. So does everybody. How do you know the earth goes around the sun? Because someone told you and you trusted that person. How do you know you have a brain or a spleen? Because you’ve been told so. Almost everything we know or think we know is based on trust. On matters of climate science, I trust the people who have dedicated their lives to acquiring knowledge, conducting research, and putting up with know-nothings whose response to a reality they don’t like is to claim that it must be something liberals made up.

          3. SusieQ says:

            Yep you got it Hopefully this dreadful phase of just believing because someone told you without using critical thinking and investigating their claims will soon end. .

            Yes, gullible liberals where they are believing the likes of Obama, the Clintons, man made climate change, the unhealthcare bill, America is the enemy of the world ,etc, etc., etc. how many times do these people have to back the car over you before it hurts?

            Liberal’s have an extreme problem in deciding what is legitimate ,sorry to have to tell you Why? Cause it has not worked , will not work, ever! Hillary the epitome of criminal behavior could commit a horrid crime in full view and recorded snd the dopes would still elect her. Liberally insane.

            Please find new word “stuff” sounds so middle school when you are expressing a thought. Obama does not make the word acceptable for making a statement to persuade anyone and neither do you.

          4. barbersurgeon says:

            Tell you what. I’ll stop using ‘stuff’ when you start using apostrophes correctly.

            The fact that you automatically dismiss an idea (or a word for that matter) because you heard it from Obama tells me that you aren’t doing any critical thinking at all. You’re simply reacting out of prejudice.

            Anyway, if it’s any consolation, I don’t believe the crap you tell me, so I clearly have some critical thinking skills. I stick to believing what people with expertise say.–you know, doctors when I’m sick, accountants when I need my taxes seen to, lawyers when I do my will, scientists when i want to know something about how nature works. In other words, the people who know stuff.

          5. SusieQ says:

            Oh, please an apostrophe? An error is not like choosing a word for expression. Pettifogging will not make your argument seem any more plausible. You want to use the word stuff go for it.

            I just knew also what was coming. I am a racist because I criticize Obama. Just like Hillary can’t be criticized because she’s a woman. Please give up the silly blame rhetoric. It brands you liberal extreme. It is worn out and dated.

            Do I care you believe what I say? Uh, no. You just believe stuff.

          6. barbersurgeon says:

            There are lots of kinds of prejudice. I’d assumed that yours was simply political–the pattern of pigheaded rejection of expertise that doesn’t confirm your conservative world view certainly suggests that’s the case.

          7. SusieQ says:

            Let’s replace “lots” with “many” doesn’t that sound better?
            Are we getting juvenile now? Even a nine year old when taught well can recognize the fact that others may not agree with their opinion and not force that opinion at all costs. A liberal just can’t grasp that concept.

            Let’s get back to prejudice and how you came across. It is obvious what you meant in light of the tone of libs today and their stubborn defense of Barry. I’ll leave it at that.

            I think I’m bored with you also, vamoose.

        2. Ben Franklin says:

          SusieQ, The “Earth Fables” you are referring to is called “science”. And our better understanding of science is what has extended the length of our lives, given us electricity and lights in our houses, and increased our food yields.

          1. SusieQ says:

            Unsettled, unproven science. Believe what you want. Doesn’t bother me. Have at it.

          2. Marilyn Z says:

            You are far more patient than I am, SusieQ, and I give you that.

          3. SusieQ says:

            Well thank you Marilyn. I’ve had discussions with the likes of these nuts before. This was mild as they can be mean as a mad pit bull.

            What angers me is their insistence of the truth of this when as DenverRegis has explained snd I have read these claims are bring debunked. This is costing us fortunes end so unnecessary.

            Retail costs are inflated, jobs scarce, cities on fire and threats of terrorism. This is what is all important , Climate change. I think we all live in the Twilight Zone now.

          4. Marilyn Z says:

            Oh, no doubt. It sure keeps me confused since I cannot see their reasoning.

          5. RobertNorwood says:

            It’s hard to figure when people are touting climate change because that is what liberals do – and some conservs do the opposite, or they actually understand the science. As an Al Gore detesting conservative with a science background my understanding says it’s highly likely we contribute to global warming, climate change, etc. and to add to the confusion, we know climate changed has occurred numerous times without us. However is it not best to be safe rather than sorry?
            As I like to say, if a man farts in a room everyone smells it.

    2. Rip Rogers says:

      How many other lies do you support?

      1. Nell Reece says:

        The Earth is round and rotates about the sun.

    3. scooter says:

      You’re just going to ignore the article on MSN of all places that showed deniers are more educated on climate change than supporters? That’s fine, it’s the ignoring all the times that the “scientists” have had to retract claims that makes you uninformed.

      1. Nell Reece says:

        Link? Your assertion is absurd.

  4. SusieQ says:

    These people pushing this climate change or as Al Sharpton calls it “climate control” are pushing an unsettled science mostly determined on computer models. The same people that call divine creation a myth. I can’t disprove that as a myth and can’t prove climate change as real.

    This is Why Jeb Bush will lose the nomination that is if the GOP is smart. Schools do not need common core as a federal intrusion in the school system as I hear parents complain constantly . Seems it does not penetrate the hard heads of politicians. They worry about illegals and muslims etc, etc., and how they can please them. Excuse me. What’s wrong with this picture?

  5. barbersurgeon says:

    Also gravity. I object to the Common Core narrative about gravity.

    1. Nell Reece says:

      Probably teaches that the earth isn’t flat and revolves around the sun too!

      1. SoniaWKrug says:

        ♥❧♥❧♥❧ $83 /h0ur @mi25//



  6. Ben Franklin says:

    Let’s put this article in context – the author chooses to cite James Taylor from the Heartland Institute as his credible source on climate science and common core standards. Can this author not find people trained in this area to talk to?

  7. DenverRegis says:

    The church executed Bruno in Europe for stating that the sun was just one of millions of stars in the Universe, and Gallileo was put under house arrest for 9 years for claiming that the earth revolved around the sun. The State is becoming like the church from the middle ages where you are indoctrinated with what they want you to believe and insist that everyone believe it and if you dissent you are evil, and according to many of the climate change believers, you must be punished if you are a climate change denier.

  8. DenverRegis says:

    Article on the supposed 97 percent of scientists that say there is global warming.

  9. RickRollington says:

    Airplane glue’s a hell of a drug.

  10. camal56 says:

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