School plays racist ‘Sh*t White People Say’ in lieu of morning announcements; offended parents call it disgusting, hurtful

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Students and parents alike are hopping mad over a student-produced video titled, “Sh*t White People Say,” broadcast this week at a Massachusetts high school instead of its normal morning announcements.

The video, played Wednesday at Bedford High School‘s student-run show, “BHS Live,” was meant to make whites aware of things that tend to stereotype blacks. Instead, it made them upset, according to MyFoxBoston 25 News.

“I’m very offended by what I saw,” parent Bob Marshall told the station. “It was a very disgusting video, very hurtful video.”

Marshall’s daughter, who was also offended, made him aware of the video.

“A lot of them were upset by what they saw,” Marshall said. “I’m shocked that a video like that could be displayed and that nobody oversaw it.”

In a letter to parents, the school’s principal explained that, with no vetting process for “BHS Live” productions, the students receive little if any adult supervision — the kids are on their own.

“Therefore, the video was not previewed by any administrator, student or teacher surrounding BHS Live. A protocol for vetting student videos is being developed,” he wrote, according to FoxBoston.

The video was put together by a senior in the school’s journalism and broadcasting program, and was meant to promote conversation on race relations — but it fell short of the mark.

“Unfortunately, it was framed in a way that was offensive,” Superintendent John Sills told FOX25.

Here’s the full production that was presented to the students Wednesday.

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