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Pamela Geller’s take-down of Chris Cuomo that has everyone talking

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Activist Pamela Geller made mincemeat of CNN host Chris Cuomo Thursday in a debate on free speech that ended up in shouting and crosstalk.

Geller took issue with Cuomo’s claim that freedom of speech should be tempered to protect others.

“There’s no such thing as ‘I believe in freedom of speech but,’” she said. “One you say ‘but,’ you’re nullifying freedom of speech.”

Geller corrected Cuomo’s referrence to Dutch politician Geert Wilders as an Islamophobe, stating he wasn’t against Islam — he was against jihadists and Sharia law.

When they got into the Texas “Draw Muhammad” event itself, the room began heating up. Cuomo claimed that Geller held the event to intentionally be provocative, and compared the use of the “n-word” to the depictions of Muhammad.

Geller countered that Cuomo was submitting to radical Islam.

“You are adhering to Sharia Law,” she told him.

“Since when do you care about being offensive?” she asked after bringing up media attacks on her and on the tea party movement.

When he brought up the “n-word” analogy again, she objected.

“It’s not analogous!” she said. “A cartoon is political opinion!”

She ended by reiterating that Cuomo is submitting to Sharia law.

“Where are you going to draw the line Chris?” she finally asked. “Are you not going to eat during Ramadan” in the CNN cafeteria?

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