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ISIS followers put target on Marine who organized Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ event

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A showdown is looming in Phoenix as a “Draw Muhammad” event organized by a marine is being threatened by jihadis while armed bikers plan to be on hand to offer protection.

U.S. Marine Jon Ritzheimer appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Thursday saying he, and the event, have received “a bunch of credible threats.”

“I’ve already had the police come to my house. My family is currently packing up and they’re going into hiding,” he said, as Cooper did his best to paint Ritzheimer as the problem.

Islamic State jihadi and hacker Junaid Hussain, who had praised the attacks at a similar event in Garland, Texas that left 2 jihadis dead, tweeted out Ritzheimer’s name and address with the message #GoForth and #Rush2Jannah in an apparent nod to would-be jihadists to kill the Marine.

New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi embedded the tweet containing the marine’s address in a tweet of her own saying, “Same ISIS accounts that were cheering the Texas Attack are now calling for the following act of violence in Arizona.”

But Ritzheimer has received support as armed bikers are planning to be at the event to offer protection.

The Twitterverse was also ripe with support for the former marine, as well as condemnation for would-be jihadists, even as other jihad supporters continued to tweet out Ritzheimer’s address.


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