Hillary drags up Southern drawl for black crowd; ‘You won’t see me turn white in the WH!’

Hillary Clinton has been hitting the presidential campaign trail hard, dodging reporters, deflecting scandals, hitting fast food joints to prove she’s a commoner, and evoking a selective country twang for her southern audiences.

Seriously, how do her supporters stomach all of this?

Clinton fans who turned out to hear her speak before the South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council – a largely black organization – didn’t seem to mind when they were treated to an earful of platitudes and promises presented in a shameless Southern drawl.

Clinton’s speech advisers must have been on hiatus, since not only was her fake accent on display, but the jokes were awful.

Kidding about her age, Clinton noted she’s been dying her hair for a long time, “so you’re not going to see me turn white in the White House.”

She also added, “you’re not going to see me quit.”

Darn it.

If there’s one thing Clinton is good at, it’s having persistence. Heck, even that horrible fake accent isn’t new.

The Chicago native and former New York senator used this tactic back in 2007, when she put her selective twang into high gear while on the campaign trail in Selma, Ala.

Chances are good, we’ll be hearing plenty more blunders from the makeshift “Southern belle” in the months to come.

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