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Al Sharpton’s tweet on Texas floods gets BURIED by critics; he said WHAT?

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It looks like the rabid opportunist Al Sharpton is pretending to be a reverend again.

Sharpton sought “meat” for his radio program by soliciting his Twitter following for commentary on the recent Texas floods – a weather event that has tragically taken innocent lives and destroyed countless homes and property.

In a pathetic attempt at being taken seriously, Sharpton actually asked his audience if they thought the flooding was related to “climate control or God’s rebuke?”

(He probably meant “climate change,” but neither Sharpton, his audience or his MSNBC paymasters have ever been much for little things like accuracy.)

Kind of shocking, even for the “Reverend” Al.

The Twitter world made the most of the 140 characters folks are limited to in their posts, and responded to his pugnacious tweet in kind. Not an easy feat, considering all that is horribly wrong with Sharpton’s solicitation.

And the Twittersphere was just getting warmed up.

Like that will ever happen.

Sharpton apparently paid no mind to the onslaught of criticism and common sense that came pouring in, and a little later touted the “interesting dialogue” happening on his radio show.

Tweeters weren’t letting up.

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