Protesters get EXACTLY what they want: Baltimore cops refuse to proactively police as city falls to criminals

With violence continuing to spiral in Baltimore and no end in sight, a police officer in the city told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday the department has essentially given up on efforts to get ahead of the problem.

Over Memorial Day weekend “Charm City” saw 32 reported shootings, with nine fatalities. Baltimore is now experiencing its deadliest month since 1999, and the ongoing anti-police rhetoric coming from city government is having a real-world impact on the police department, the anonymous officer told Hannity.

“After the protests, it seems like the citizens would appreciate a lack of police presence, and that’s exactly what they’re getting,” the cop said. “No proactive policing right now.”

It’s not hard to see why. As the political environment makes their job an increasingly political endeavor, rank and file cops aren’t convinced their superiors will back them up.

“When you go out into the street, you trust that your command staff and those you work with will support you,” the officer explained. “The tip of the spear needs the most assurance that your department, your citizens, your mayor and city council have your back.”

Those assurances don’t seem to be present. The result has been a police force reluctant to do its job, and a criminal element that feels it has license to wreak havoc.

Liberal activists, however, don’t see it quite the same way. Adam Jackson, an activist and CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, told Hannity the wave of violence is the result of “structural racism and white supremacy.”

Claiming that media coverage of the riots, looting, and murders have been “mired with racist subterfuge,” Jackson insisted the violence has stemmed from the racist tendencies of Baltimore’s policing system. Ranting against targets from the media to city officials, Jackson managed to cast blame on pretty much everyone … except the rioters, looters, and criminals.

Hannity asked the obvious follow up question bluntly: “Are you saying that this is all related to racism?”

Like most race-obsessed liberal activists, Jackson refused to directly answer the question. But he certainly seemed focused on making sure viewers knew that the criminals were merely the victims of a fundamentally racist world.


Baltimore’s descent into chaos isn’t the result of the media coverage being “mired with racist subterfuge,” or an inherently racist America. It’s the result of people like Jackson giving license to rioters and looters in the interest of promoting a culture of victimhood.

As the job of policing continues to be politicized by the left, Baltimore is likely to see far more violence over the course of the summer. While most of America would consider the city’s tumult a tragedy, liberal activists such as Adam Jackson appear to see it as a recruiting opportunity.

Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


396 thoughts on “Protesters get EXACTLY what they want: Baltimore cops refuse to proactively police as city falls to criminals

  1. Willie Buford says:

    Regardless how the POLICE fell. this isn’t a job of feelings.THESE PEOPLE ARE PAYING THEM TO DO A JOB..if you don’t want to do it then quit!! But they should not be paid for sure!!!

  2. Kimberly Townstead says:

    If the people there have no respect for the law or the police then the President needs to send the military in to police the city. Even though the city may have a lot of criminals there are still law abiding citizens who live there that need help.

  3. DenverRegis says:

    I think the mayor should patrol the streets, she seems to have all the answers and solutions, just ask her.

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    Can’t claim “racism” if white police officers aren’t arresting Thugs now can you. Good job officers, let the thugs rule and see what Mayor “give them space” has to say.

  5. sonsofman says:

    Yeah, tell that to the family of Walter Scott; I’m sure the pig was simply “doing his job” when he was CAUGHT firing 8 slugs into the back of Mr. Scott. If the video hadn’t caught this murdering coward, he would have lied like the rest of them, and of course people like you would have defended the coward tooth and nail.

  6. Voice_of_Reason says:

    a black man stubbed his toe on the sidewalk. Racist sidewalk!

    1. the American says:

      Hurry, let’s loot and steal!!

  7. John M. Cooper says:

    Martial law has been the agenda for some time now….Black leadership has arrested earlier fires & it didn’t get “this” bad, but looks like the sparks finally took hold in this situation, but it’s not a full blaze yet…it’s got to get really crazy & then martial law will be declared without any resistance…

  8. Biff Sarin says:

    Quote from Article: “Baltimore is now experiencing its deadliest month since 1999”.

    Hmmm, 1999 would have been 5 years into the Clinton Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Well, I guess we can see how well THAT worked out!

  9. Eve Davis says:

    Ann Coulter had her narrow a$$ handed to her on a platter by the righteous liberals and the crowds in studio. She look like a dog that forgot her bone ,she was clearly out of her comfort zone . Faux News bunch of liars.

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