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Hillary stocks campaign store with ODD merchandise – because we all need faux pantsuit shirts

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If anyone in America can turn the costly proposition of running for president into a profitable venture, it’s Hillary Clinton.

And the likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is off to a good start with the launch of her campaign’s official online merchandise store.

“There’s a Hillary Clinton ‘think tank’ top, a baby onesie and a shirt equating women’s rights with human rights, and vice versa,” The Hollywood Reporter noted.

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Photo Credit The Hollywood Reporter

Yes, Virginia, there’s a pantsuit available — sort of. It’s a T-shirt that says “Pantsuit Up,” for the low, low price of $30.

Much of the merchandise borrows from the historical implication of a woman president, including a set of glasses “made from 100% shattered glass ceilings.”

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There’s even a throw pillow, because, as Twitchy.com observed, when you think of Hillary, visions of  “a sweet grandmother selling embroidered throw pillows to get by” comes to mind.

The caption on the pillow reads: “A woman’s place is in the White House.”

A misandrist declaration, but as a Democrat, she’s allowed.

Tom Tillison


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