Protesters intrude on Memorial Day festivities, shut down Coney Island boardwalk

The word “classless” doesn’t even begin to cover the actions protesters took when they used Memorial Day to disrupt festivities on Coney Island with the #StopKillingBlackPeople mantra.

As more than one Twitter user noted, there was not one American flag to acknowledge – at the very least – those who fought for their right to be so disrespectful in their shopworn display.

For dramatic effect, the Peoples Power Assemblies protesters laid out beach towels with outlined bodies to represent the “black and brown people murdered” by police.

“This hypocrisy continues to deny rights to many communities: Black and Brown people are deprived of their human rights when they are targeted, persecuted and murdered, simply for existing,” a PPA statement read.

As in the past with #blackbrunch protests, and violent riots, the Coney Island demonstration likely didn’t win any new supporters.

Instead, it evoked deep disdain for those who can’t seem to grasp the concept of freedom.

No, no, no. That’s not how this modern-day protest thing works.

If they had to pay tribute to someone else for a real good deed, how could they so arrogantly pat themselves on the back for their own perceived good deed?

It must be all about themselves, which is why, in the end, it doesn’t matter that their demonstration does more harm than good.


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