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Fox News’ stars share advice for class of 2015; NOTHING like what a Democrat would say

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Panelists on Fox News “The Five” on Monday rolled out their own graduation season advice to young people heading out of school and into the real world with some help from video clips from other Fox celebrities like Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity.

And the experience of their years showed through.

No one recommended carrying a mattress around to protest a college romance gone bad, no one recommended worrying about “trigger” warnings, no one talked about micro-aggressions, sexual harassment or even fundamentally transforming the United States into some nanny state of Euro-socialism.

Nope, it was all about keeping moving and going forward, the way the country has in fits and starts for the past two-and-a-quarter centuries.

Oddly enough, they all sounded like they enjoyed being alive, too.

Funny how that works.


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