Baltimore bloodshed escalates to 28 shot, 9 dead; mayor doesn’t let it spoil her fun

While politicians, pundits and the liberal media continued to focus on the death of one convicted drug dealer in Baltimore, the city experienced its deadliest month in 15 years.

This weekend 28 people were shot, and nine killed, in “Charm City.” And all while the mayor played games — literally.

Baltimore police reported they responded to six shootings Friday, seven Saturday, five Sunday and 10 by Monday evening, according to CBS Baltimore.

Independent journalist A. F. James MacArthur, who has been a frequent critic of Baltimore police, laced into Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for doing nothing to fix the problem.

“I wonder if @MayorSRB still casually thinks the surge in violence is something ‘we’ve dealt with before” & we’ll basically get over it?’ he wrote on Twitter.

“Over the weekend, as bodies dropped in record numbers, YOUR mayor was in her fav place (Inner Harbor) playing games,” he wrote in another tweet accompanied by a picture of the mayor playing a game of “cornhole.”

According to CBS Baltimore, Rawlings-Blake did call an emergency meeting with the police commissioner and his staff over the weekend to address the rise in violence.

“My hope is the police will get the support they need from the community to be able to get some answers and bring some of these individuals to justice,” she told reporters.

After the wedge she, her police commissioner and state’s attorney drove between the Baltimore community and police, now she wants them to work together?

Perhaps the issue, at its core, is the criminal element feel emboldened by Rawlings-Blake essentially tying the cops’ hands.

This is what happens to a city when its leadership sides with criminals over those sworn to serve and protect.

The Twitterverse, including Sheriff David Clarke, laced into the mayor with scathing comments.


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