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‘The Greatest Generation’ salutes their comrades, and the country they served on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day’s status as a secular holy day honoring the nation’s war dead has been downgraded for decades to a civic holiday marking the unofficial beginning of summer – a time for mattress sales, barbecues, beaches and beer.

But for many Americans, the day retains its original meaning – particularly those who still remember World War II, the conflict that helped forge what’s become known as the Greatest Generation.

In commemoration of Memorial Day, the Washington Free Beacon interviewed five men who are part of that generation, recording their thoughts on the war, the friends they lost, and the holiday meant to ensure their memories – and their sacrifice would not be lost to time.

The staff of BizPac Review adds its own heartfelt salute these men, and the men and women of all American services, whether in time of war or peace, for as a great poet said in another context, “They also serve who stand and wait.”

Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday, America – the men whose lives are now but names engraved on stone markers surely enjoyed their days too — but take a moment to remember what it’s really all about.


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