Social media hits Hillary on parade for Memorial Day; ‘talk about being a hypocrite’

Hillary Clinton signs autographs Monday at the Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, N.Y. (Photo: @talkofthesound)

Hillary Clinton was on her home turf Monday, marching with Bill in a Chappaqua Memorial Day parade that could have doubled for a “Ready for Hillary” rally.

But the former secretary of state insisted it wasn’t all about her.


Of course, given the the former first lady’s married name is Clinton, and given that Clinton is synonymous in American politics with the word “liar,” it’s pretty well a given that when Hillary says a parade is not about something, the chances are that the parade — or at least her participation in it — is about exactly that.

At least that’s how the Journal News of Westchester covered it:

As Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful, marched alongside former President Bill Clinton in their hometown Memorial Day parade, chants of “Hillary 2016” filled the air.

And it’s how the rest of the media saw it too.

To be fair, any member of the American media outside the Journal News who finds himself in Westchester County, N.Y., on Memorial Day is only there to make sure Hillary doesn’t take a fall making her way up King Street.

But filing simpering “reports” like this one?

An entry for the Stephanopoulos Award for Hard-Hitting Clinton Coverage maybe.

Fortunately, “everyday” Americans aren’t so easily fooled. Those who’ve been around long enough to remember the early days of the Bill Clinton White House know exactly how the Clintons — and their base feel about the military. Or as one Twitter user put it, “talk about being a hypocrite.”

And no matter what Hillary’s protestations might be, her history doesn’t suggest any genuine “Memorial Day” feelings for the nation’s military past.

It might not show it sometimes, but Americans have long memories, Madam Secretary. Some don’t even have to be that long.  But Memorial Day brings them out.


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