Obama’s Froot Loop bath girl leaves Hillary sparring with some media

Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt predicted Sunday that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will continue to avoid taking questions from the media because “she doesn’t have to.”

And that’s making it difficult for the few correspondents who really are trying to do the jobs the Constitution specifically protects. Fox News’ Ed Henry for instance, tangled openly with the former first lady in a refreshing moment for a free press last week.  Even the openly Democrat New York Times has been badgering her to open up for interviews.

WOW video! Hillary answers media with a big F-you that leaves everyone’s jaws on the ground

In a discussion on Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” Stirewalt put much of the blame on a frivolous Washington press corps — and media environment in general — that’s allowed Obama to get away with interviews with “the woman who eats Froot Loops in the bathtub” instead of consistent grilling by an informed Fourth Estate.

“This press corps is apparently going to continue to cover Hillary Clinton as if she were not smashing a grapefruit in their face every day,” he said.

The Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrecho said Clinton is “talking past the media” and essentially ignoring reporters.

Host Howard Kurtz said even though Clinton is essentially running unopposed for the Democrat nomination, he wondered if it’s important for her to be seen by the public engaging with the media.

Stirewalt agreed, saying this “won’t work in the long run” for her, and added that much of Clinton’s problem — especially as it relates to her email scandals — is that she has no answer.

“It’s not that she won’t answer the questions,” he said. “It’s that she can’t answer the questions.”

National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson said it’s important for Clinton to begin engaging with the media.

“Voters look at you and judge you as to whether you look authentic and real,” she said, “or whether you are ducking every question.”

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