Obama takes time out to praise 5-YEAR-OLD for view on gay marriage

President Obama’s Twitter account is really connecting with his base.

The kindergarten wing of the Democrat Party is making headlines on a slow holiday weekend thanks to a Twitter posting of a letter from 5-year-old supporting President Obama’s recently evolved stance on “to tell everyone they can marry who they want” and that all wars be ended right away.

Unicorn rides haven’t come up yet.

According to the Daily Mail, the president’s sixth tweet on the @POTUS account responded to a letter and “written” by young Yasmeen Faruqui and posted by her aunt, Fahmida Zaman.


Translated into adult-speak, according to the Daily Mail, that turns out to mean:

“Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting. Give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want. Thank you.”

To the family’s surprise, Obama responded personally.


All very nice and everything, if you want the chief executive of the United States taking his marching orders from a 5-year-0ld girl.

But if memory serves, Americans weren’t real happy when a president named Jimmy Carter announced he was following his 12-year-old daughter’s advice about nuclear weapons during the benighted days of pre-Ronald Reagan America.

And they’re none too thrilled that the current Oval Office occupant seems to be on the same track.

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But gay marriage isn’t the only thing on the president’s plate he could use some childlike advice.

There’s always the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to deal with.

Joe Biden must be starting to sweat.


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