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Dems finally wake up to embarrassing Memorial Day pics — PATHETIC doesn’t cover it

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The Democratic National Committee took some richly deserved scorn over the weekend for its pathetic attempts to “celebrate” the Memorial Day weekend with pictures of its heroes slurping up ice cream

Or enjoying some Southern barbecue …  

… without a clue as to the real meaning of the holiday.

And then there was this beaut.

But some adults at the DNC – there are some left apparently – woke up to how silly the party looked and finally put out a Twitter posting that at least pretended to understand just what Memorial Day is all about.

But by then the damage was done and the modern incarnation of the party had shown itself to be what it is – the thoughtless, narcissistic embodiment of the worst impulses of the welfare state, as ignorant of the country’s past as it is careless of its future.

Conservatives in the Twitter world weren’t fooled by the late awakening.

(Warning: Strong language ahead.)

Nice try, Dems. But “pathetic” doesn’t cover it.


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