Black comedian’s tirade on Obama: ‘Black America would have done much better with a white president’

When black comedian Byron Allen took on President Obama‘s record in a recent rant, it was no laughing matter for the White House.

In a TMZ interview, Allen went on a brutal tirade against the president and his treatment of American blacks, who keep slavishly following him and the bankrupt policies of his party.

“I’m disappointed that President Obama called those young men out there in Baltimore ‘thugs,’” Allen said.

You know, the young men who were burning down buildings and robbing businesses blind.

But Allen did make some valid points about Obama failing black America, saying to the president “you have to remember who you are.”

“I have grave concerns about President Obama because I feel that — it’s factual, check the numbers, black people have fallen further behind under President Obama,” he said.

Allen said blacks are being “murdered” in the streets, in the courtroom and in the boardroom.

“You have to stand up at some point,” he said. “It’s OK to be the president of the United States and be a black man. It’s human. And guess what? People will respect you more if you stop acting like you’re not.”

Then Allen shocked the TMZ reporter with his most scathing critique.

“President Obama is, at this point, a white president in blackface,” he said. “Black America would have done much better with a white president, look at the numbers. President Obama, you have let us down tremendously.”


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