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SURPRISE! Co-eds demanding right to go topless draw mass support from male classmates

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In a stand against gender inequality and body shaming, female students at the University of California, San Diego, took off their tops last week.

And male students showed up in large numbers in support of the protest.

Titled “Free the Nipple,” the event took place Wednesday and was billed on Facebook as “a peaceful sit-in that challenges social norms,” Campus Reform reported.

“Bring your curiosity, forget your shirts, and most importantly bring your love, compassion, and support for the cause,” organizers wrote. “Shirts, bra, tops – optional. Show up in whatever you feel comfortable with because it should be your choice!”

And show up they did, but for some reason male curiosity outpaced female curiosity.

“There were a lot of males who were there ‘supporting’ the event and by supporting I mean taking pictures and gawking,” student John Tucker wrote on the Facebook event page afterwards, according to Campus Reform.

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“It kind of contradicts what the event is about,” he added. “The ratio of males to females was strange. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I feel a good portion were there to see their first pair of breasts in real life.”


Event organizer Anni Ma told ABC10 the sit-in was not about sex.

“I just want everyone to learn to love themselves and love other people, too, so the world can be a better place,” she said.

“We’re having a topless movement where everyone is sitting down with their tops off, both men and women, to show that we can normalize the female breast,” Ma added. “It felt, actually, really normal, and everyone just did it and it wasn’t a big deal, like, that’s how I felt.”

The ABC affiliate reported “nudity in public spaces violates San Diego municipal codes and the UCSD student code of conduct,” but the school said it supports the student’s actions.

The topless women, no doubt, not the ogling males.

Tom Tillison


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