‘Rolling Thunder’ biker rally ROARS into Washington

Despite recent bad media coverage thanks to some outlaws in Texas, most bikers are law-abiding patriots.

And that message came through loud and clear — very loud and very clear on a beautiful spring Sunday in the nation’s capital when “Rollinng Thunder” rolled into town.

The Memorial Day event, this is the 28th, is held each year to honor military veterans, particularly those missing in action.

Fox News’ Doug McKelway reported that thousands of bikers began the drive from the north parking lot on their way towards the Lincoln Memorial, where the ride ends.

“It is an incredible sight, and if you don’t like the sounds of Harley Davidsons, it’s not a great day to be in Washington,” McKelway said.

“The rally has broadened out considerably over the past several years, basically to pay tribute to veterans and those who have fought for the United States in whatever capacity,” he added. “That’s why these people are here today.”

Pictures and comments on the event poured in on Twitter.


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Carmine Sabia


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