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‘Are you kidding me?’ Rage reigns as Obama slurps ice cream in ‘happy Memorial Day’ tweet

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The Democratic National Committee dedicated Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor America’s fallen service men and women, by tweeting a photo of President Obama enjoying an ice cream cone.

Ice cream? Really? Is that what he thinks Memorial Day is all about?

The Twitterverse exploded in disbelief — “are you kidding me?” was the tone — beginning with CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper, who tweeted:

But Tapper was kind when compared to some of the others. Here are some examples:

Some questioned the use of the term “happy Memorial Day.”

When it comes to honoring our nation’s veterans, Democrats just haven’t been able to to get it right recently. Maybe that’s because the last two that voters sent to the White House never served a day in the military.

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