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WSJ reporter’s titillating request to ride on Hillary’s lap has tongues wagging

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The Hillary Clinton emails released Wednesday included a titillating exchange about an interview between The Wall Street Journal’s Monica Langley and the former secretary of state.

The email chain, started by former State Department senior adviser Phillippe Reines and sent to Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides and communications director Caroline Adler, sounded like a passage from a dime-store novel.

Reines, for example, wrote:

Tom, she moved that yellow chair as close as it went. Knee to knee. Amazed she didn’t try knee in between knee. And if that wasn’t enough, she leaned forward… This went on like that for 51 minutes – unacceptable in any culture. I don’t even think you see that behavior among any type of mammal.

The touching the leg and repeatedly calling her ‘Hillary’ was just gravy.

Adler added that “this will be exciting when it’s FOIA’d,” then offered additional details, presumably in jest, saying:

Monica again touched HRC’s leg.

Everyone laughs awkwardly — Phillippe hardly able to contain himself

Monica: “They think I’m so funny (looking at Phillippe and me) Hill, can I ride on your lap to the White House?”

Phil Kerpen, a contributing editor for National Review Online and the former vice president of Americans for Prosperity, detailed the email exchange in a series of tweets.

Here is a sampling of his tweets, along with the reaction from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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