Wild video: Guy gets in shootout — but keeps yakking on his cell phone!

That must’ve been some important phone call.

A shootout caught on a Cincinnati gas station surveillance camera last week showed a gunman firing wildly at a drive-by shooter while still talking on a cell phone.

A gold sedan drove by the man, now identified as Rayshawn Herald, when a passenger opened fire prompting Herald to shoot back.

Stray bullets hit a city bus and barely missed passengers, including a mother and her baby.

“We were sitting right there. One inch, a couple inches off, it would have hit her or me. It was real scary. We didn’t know what to do, nobody knew what to do,” Ronniesha Grant told WLWT.

Fortunately the only injury reported was a cut knee on a bus passenger that resulted from shattered glass, WCPO reported.

Police believe the shooting was part of a turf war between gangs.

Not surprisingly, Herald has had other run-ins with the law but the carelessness of his reckless shooting shocked even police.

“I can just tell you this is senseless and if you’ve see the video or shown the video this is almost like a guy who has no concerns for anybody else,” Cincinnati police Capt. Maris Herold told WLWT.

“From my perspective after watching that video there’s no doubt in my mind this guy is reckless,” Cpt Herold said.

Police are confident Herald will be behind bars soon.

“There’s not a doubt in my mind we’ll catch him. I’m devoting a lot of resources, the chief has given me additional resources, so there is no doubt in my mind we’ll catch him,” Herold told the station.

They’ll catch him — or they’ll find his body.

Either way, Mr. Herald isn’t likely to be on the streets much longer.


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