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Sheriff David Clarke tells Megyn: Baltimore cops quitting on backstabbing police commissioner

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly continues to draw attention to the explosion in crime in the beleaguered city of Baltimore since six police officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was a guest Thursday night, responding to sources within the Baltimore City Police Department who told “The Kelly File” that police are “on a full strike and that it’s going to get worse.”

“I don’t think that these fine officers, Baltimore’s finest, have quit on the city of Baltimore,” Clarke said. “It’s pretty evident to me that they’ve quit on Commissioner [Anthony] Batts.”

Clarke said Batts threw the rank and file “under the bus a long time ago.”

Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported on the “blood bath,” saying there have been 100 murders in the city this year, compared to 71 over the same period last year.

In a 28 day period beginning the day Gray died, Gallagher said there has been a 120 percent increase in homicides, with 33 being reported during that time.

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He said police struggle to do their job and are being surrounded by as many as 50 protesters in West Baltimore while trying to handle routine calls — with the protesters often “taunting” the officers.

The sheriff pointed out that officers are no longer reacting to suspicious activity while on patrol — something he called “self-initiated policing.”

“You’ll find people wanted on serious warrants with self-initiated policing, you’ll find large amounts of drugs, you’ll find guns being transported to and from drive-by shootings, maybe a hold-up man fleeing,” Clarke said.

“That’s out the window right now. They have quit on Commissioner Batts.”

Tom Tillison


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