OOPS! Hillary campaign speech puts her on the wrong side of the country!

Hillary Clinton had what appeared to be a senior moment Friday while campaigning in New Hampshire. Instead of paying homage to the Granite State, the former secretary of state apparently thought she was on the opposite side of the continent.

Here in Washington, we know that unfortunately the deck is still being stacked for those at the top,” Clinton said. “And that just doesn’t work for a long term strategy either politically or economically.”

It’s not as though she’s in the midst of a rigorous campaign schedule. At each stop she speaks only to a select gathering of supporters.

And the gaffe can’t be attributed to a tide of media questions. Since she announced her candidacy on April 13, she’s submitted to no interviews, and has barely fielded a dozen questions — none of them probing.

Those on social media noticed, too.

H/T: The Weekly Standard

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