Obnoxious WH tweet brags about ‘cool’ Obama graduation pics; and scorn pours in!

President Selfie is at it again.

After nearly two long presidential terms that have amounted to little more than a series of domestic disasters (Obamacare, immigration edicts and so on), foreign policy disasters (Benghazi, Russia, ISIS and so on), and never-ending photos ops, the White House sent a mass email showing how “cool” President Obama is – and you’re not.

The photo was obnoxiously titled, “Your Graduation Photo Probably Wasn’t This Cool:” and showed Obama in four goofy poses with newly commissioned ensigns during commencement at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., on Wednesday.


Hmm, let’s see, it looks to be … a white guy, Asian woman, black guy, and “mystery man.” How spontaneous!

It isn’t clear if Obama took the photos before or after his out-of-touch commencement speech where he warned the military that global warming poses an imminent threat to U.S. security and basically ignored the growing army of wealthy and bloodthirsty ISIS militants.

It was clear, though, that he didn’t seem worried about any of it when he took time to yuck it up for the camera.

Social media users, sick of the narcissism, were having none of it.

What’s the young man supposed to do? He can put the photo in an album to show his future kids someday – or not.

The White House even tweeted the pic with Obama (kind of) in the background:

Oh, that's right up his alley. A big red clown nose - I can see it now.

And then, there's this one:

Truth? He can't handle the truth.


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