Megyn Kelly HAMMERS ex-lawyer for suspect in DC family’s murder; ‘You’re kidding me!’

While police were searching for Daron Dylon Wint, named as the primary suspect in a brutal Washington, D.C. quadruple murder, Fox News host Megyn Kelly got into a heated exchange with Witt’s former attorney, claiming that his defense of Witt undermined his own credibility.

Kelly went over what led to police zeroing in on Wint as the suspect with former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik.

Wint, who was arrested Thursday night, is accused of torturing a family and its housekeeper before murdering the four and setting the residence ablaze. He was linked to the crime scene through DNA evidence found on a pizza crust.

Wint’s former attorney, Robin Ficker, painted a different picture of the 34-year-old fugitive, and referred to him as a “very nice, kind, gentle person” who was “the victim of injustice in the past.”

Kelly countered with a series of previous offenses Wint was found guilty of, including “assaulting his girlfriend in Maryland in 2009,” as well as “malicious destruction of property after he had threatened to kill a woman.”

“He really doesn’t sound like that good a person,” she concluded.

When Ficker continued to go to bat for his former client, Kelly jumped in with, “What was his DNA doing on the pizza that was found inside the house?”

Ficker attributed it to a conspiracy directed against Wint.

“How do you know that that pizza was found inside the house?” he asked.

The lawyer continued to maintain his former client’s innocence when Kerik brought up security camera footage appearing to show Wint fleeing the scene.

“It’s a barbaric murder, but that is not him in the footage,” he emphasized. “I know what he looks like. There is no facial features in that photograph.”

Ficker continued to maintain that Wint “is a nice person,” adding that “He’s patriotic. He tried to join the Marines.”

Kelly shot back that Wint had previously threatened to shoot his father and srep-mother.

“He doesn’t sound all that nice,” she said.

When Ficker said nothing came of the incident, Kelly hammered back, “You’re kidding me! You’re undermining your own credibility by making these outrageous statements.”

Wint has since been captured and is in police custody.

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