EMBARRASSING: NYC Guerrilla art targets Clinton and her ‘PayPal’ Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos was treated to some New York City street art aimed at his chummy relationship with Hillary Clinton and his hefty $75,000 secret donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The image depicting Stephanopoulos and Clinton as “PayPals” was spotted on Thursday hanging outside the ABC studios where he works.

Stephanopoulos’ political bias and non-disclosure of the sizable contribution obviously didn’t sit well with the artist.

While Stephanopoulos’ loyalty to the Clintons doesn’t surprise anyone, the fact that he kept the contributions a secret forced the ABC news anchor to pull himself from moderating upcoming 2016 presidential debates.

Stephanopoulos’ clear conflict of interest became most egregious during a heated interview between himself and Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash.” Schweizer’s book alleges that the Clinton Foundation accepted sizable donations from foreign governments in exchange for favors while Hillary Clinton reigned as Secretary of State.

Stephanopoulos tried to publicly discredit Schweizer while he was still hiding his own donations.

Schweizer hit back hard after the donation disclosure.

“What I did not expect — what no one expected — was the sort of ‘hidden hand journalism’ that has contributed to America’s news media’s crisis of credibility in particular, and Americans’ distrust of the news media more broadly,” Schwiezer wrote in an op-ed.

There’s been no word if Schwiezer has seen the N.Y.C. street art, but chances are he’ll want to know where he can get a copy if he does.

H/T: Breitbart.com


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