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More than 100 volunteers show up to scrub hateful anti-military graffiti from veteran’s home

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Americans showed up in a big way after an Army veteran’s home was vandalized with hateful anti-military graffiti.

‘F**k the military” and “Home of a soldier, die for what?” were some of the detestable things sprayed across the front of Cassie McEuen’s home in Wyoming.

McEuen said she questioned even calling police about the incident, since there were no witnesses and no one was around when she awoke to find the vandalism.

“Apparently [the vandals] didn’t want to see what was on the other side of the door,” McEuen said on Fox & Friends Thursday.

Nick Arnold, of the group 307 Long Range, heard about the vandalism and said he wanted to get the community involved when he wrote about the incident on social media.

“I put a post on Facebook, I said meet me down at the Wal-Mart parking lot in an hour if you want to help,” Arnold said.

“And I was hoping for maybe 10 people, and there was over 100 people waiting form me when I got there, just an incredible amount of resolve from the group and the members in our community.”

McEuen was overwhelmed by the enormous show of support.

“It was shocking, it was awesome,” McEuen said.

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