Mockery, disbelief, disgust over Chelsea Clinton’s attempt at kid’s book

Chelsea Clinton is joining the family ranks as a published author – only this time the target audience will be innocent children.

“It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!” is scheduled for publication on Sept. 15 by Penguin Young Readers.

Many teachers and regressive parents, ahem, “progressive” parents, will undoubtedly clamor to read what the daughter of the woman who feels it’s the community’s job to raise YOUR kids has to say to “enlighten” America’s youth.

“In [the book] I try to explain what I think are some of the biggest challenges facing our world today, particularly for young people,” Clinton said in a statement.

Proceeds from the book are reportedly going to go to various charities, including the Clinton Foundation – of course.

The fact that Chelsea is part of a family legacy mired in scandal and her apparent bristly personality leads to a staff turnover faster than burgers being flipped on a hot grill, was not lost on social media users.

Mockery, disbelief and all around disgust ensued (Warning for strong language):

Good times.

No need for that. A scathing synopsis in the National Review already killed it.


And as far as the proceeds from the book? Tweeters were on to that too.

You betcha.

And what about the children?

It sure does.



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