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Lawsuit reveals Ed Schultz emails brutally mocking MSNBC ‘spitting’ colleague Chris Matthews behind his back

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MSNBC host Ed Schultz is being sued by an NBC employee over a deal that allegedly went sour, and while the trial is far from over, the verdict may already be in on what a blustering idiot Schultz is.

Emails released in the case, which is being heard on appeal, show that there’s little love lost between Schultz and MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews.

ED-SCHULTZ-CHRIS-MATTHEWS“Do you think it’s a good idea if I spit all over myself like Chris Matthews during the pilot?” Schultz wrote in an email to his then-business partner, Michael Queen, according to The Daily Caller.

“What the f***? Every time he gives a commentary he’s foaming at the mouth?”Schultz said. “Does the guy have some condition we don’t know about?”

Wow. Can you image an elevator ride at MSNBC headquarters with these two as occupants?

Schultz’s emails proved he’s an equal opportunity offender, with the blabbermouth getting a two-fer when he set his sights on Oprah Winfrey.

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In another email to Queen, he expressed little interest in peddling his wares — in this case, his own show — on her program.

“I am not interested in Oprah,” Schultz wrote. “She is not a serious player for a political show.”

It’s one thing to rip Matthews, who is disliked by many, but to be so dismissing of Oprah is blasphemy in America!

The emails are seen here via The Daily Caller:

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