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Wife’s 911 call, new photos of man pulled from car, beaten by bikers: ‘We have a baby in the car! Stop!’

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The wife of a New York City banker pulled from his vehicle and beaten by a gang of bikers offered harrowing testimony Tuesday of the ordeal.

Her husband, Alexian Lien, had struck a biker with his vehicle in an earlier encounter on Sept. 29, 2013, paralyzing the man, according to the New York Daily News.

Other bikers, including an undercover NYPD officer, caught up to the couple at a red light and pulled Lien from the SUV — as many as nine bikers punched and kicked him as wife Rosalyn Ng looked on in horror.

Graphic video: 

Ng said they also tried to pull her out, but she kicked and screamed that they had a baby in the vehicle. The couple’s 2-year-old daughter was in the back seat in a car seat.

“We have a baby! We have a baby! Help! Help!” Ng said she told the bikers.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office released photographs and the 911 call Ng made, in support of her testimony. 

Photo Credit New York Daily News

“They are attacking our car right now,” Ng is heard telling the 911 dispatcher. “We have a baby in the car and it’s really scary.”

In the earlier incident, Ng said she tried to “shoo them away” by throwing things at the bikers, the Daily News reported.

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She threw a half-eaten plum and a partially full water bottle out of the SUV’s sun roof.

“I was kind of embarrassed,” she said in court. “I could see everyone around us were like laughing at what happened and I just kind of sat back down and we kept going.”

Wojciech Braszczok, the undercover cop, and co-defendant Robert Sims are on trial for gang assault and first degree assault, among other charges, according to the Daily News. They face up to 25 years behind bars if convicted.

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