Washington Post links Sarah Palin to Waco biker gang shooting

As much as the Washington Post wants America to believe it’s an unbiased medium, the newspaper just can’t seem to pass on an opportunity to bash Republican standout Sarah Palin.

Amid the news of rival biker gangs battling it out at a Waco, Texas, restaurant, the Post published an article on the Lone Star State’s legislature debating a bill that would expand the rights of licensed gun owners to openly carry weapons in public — and somehow managed to make Palin a part of the story.

The article, “White bikers, black thugs: Why Texas looked to relax gun laws after biker shootout,” was written by Post reporter Janell Ross.

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F-you that leaves everyone’s jaws on the ground

Looking to distract from the epidemic of black-on-black crime in urban America — itself a testament to a half-century of failed liberal policies — Ross cited social media and snarky references to “white on white crime.”

“Pictures of Sarah Palin and in leather biker gear popped up along below tweets about ‘radical white politicians, who ‘coddle,’ and commune with, ‘thugs,'” she wrote.

Post reporter Chris Cillizza posted the article on Twitter, along with a photo of the former governor of Alaska sporting a motorcyle helmet and surrounded by bikers.

Hardy har har.

The photo was taken in 2011 when Palin participated in the “Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom” bike ride in Washington, D.C. — a charity event for veterans.

Unfortunately, while the left loves to hate Palin, Cillizza seemed to forget that there’s a legion of supporters more than willing to come to Palin’s defense — not that she needs the assist.

Here’s a sampling of the responses, as seen on Twitter:

*Caution: Strong Language

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