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Vets outraged over administration’s sick response to Ramadi: ‘Every setback for the WH is a massacre’

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Outrage continues to grow in the military community over the White House dismissing the fall of Ramadi to Islamic State militants as a “minor setback.”

“Every setback for the White House is a massacre,” Pete Hegseth, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Tuesday.

In an appearance Tuesday night on “The Kelly File,” Hegseth was responding to a comment made by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the fall of the Iraqi city, saying the administration is being “incredibly dismissive.”

“We have to sort of decide what our approach to these issues is going to be,” Earnest said earlier in the day. “Are we going to light our hair on fire every time that there is a setback in the campaign against ISIL? Or are we going to take very seriously our responsibility to evaluate those areas where we succeed, and evaluate where steps are necessary for us to change our strategy where we’ve sustained setbacks?”

Hegseth, who said President Obama does not have a strategy in Iraq, blasted the White House.

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“Guess what, in other news, in Mosul, in Ramadi, in Fallujah, ISIS is literally lighting people on fire,” he said. “Every setback for the White House is a stain on someone like [slain U.S. Navy SEAL] Mark Lee and what they gave in Ramadi.”

“Every setback makes it that much more difficult to retake Ramadi.”

Hegseth also charged the administration with “backhanding” those who lost loved ones fighting in the Iraq War.

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