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Squat and grunt: Watch Michelle O take the ‘lady’ out of first lady again

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You can’t teach class.

For a nation eager to see the wife of the president sweating, lunging, kicking and punching, Michelle Obama has posted a workout video showing just how low the position formerly known as “first lady” has fallen.


Mrs. Obama posted the workout video as part of the “Let’s Move” campaign, which is aimed at getting children to get active. Leave aside for the moment the fact that the first lady’s faux cause has proven to be far more trouble than it’s worth – an inedible, expensive school lunch program that’s been a joke for five years – and grant that she does appear to be in fine physical shape.

Was America really crying out to see what the president’s wife looks like in workout clothes doing bench squats? (Imagining Michelle O. grunting is not the most pleasant mental exercise.)

There was a time in America – and not so long ago – when the question would have been too absurd to ask.

That was back when Laura Bush was in the White House with her husband – a woman of steel who knew there was no weakness in putting the “lady” in “first lady.”

But you can’t teach class.


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