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Clinton hack tries to blame Hillary woes on Fox News; Megyn Kelly shuts him down

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Trying to expand on the Obama playbook of pointing fingers at Fox News, a former White House spokesman Tuesday tried to place the blame for the “cloud of corruption” that follows Hillary Clinton on the network that most doggedly reports on her.

But Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was having none of it.

Former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton appeared on “The Kelly File” mainly to defend the Democrat frontrunner for 2016 from another “phony scandal” — charges she used bad intelligence on Libya from her friend Sidney Blumenthal, a man the Obama administration wouldn’t allow Clinton to hire at the State Department, who had business interests in Libya.

But Burton went further, claiming Clinton’s public perception problems are being exaggerated by Fox News.

“Why does it seem like there is this cloud of corruption that follows her?” Kelly asked. “Between the emails, the Clinton Foundation, this report, tomorrow maybe another one.”

“Maybe it just only follows her around on your network,” Burton responded snidely.

“The New York Times broke the email story, the New York Times broke the Blumenthal story,” Kelly fired back. “It’s not just the Fox News Channel.”

Burton agreed reluctantly, but added that conservatives revel in these Clinton scandals.

“The right especially is going to take these news reports, they’re going to talk about them as much as they can because they think that they can really make ground by going after anything that smells like scandal,” Burton said.

“Hillary Clinton is out there talking about the American people and Republicans are all talking about Hillary Clinton.”

But besides noting that the story of Hillary’s Blumenthal scandal was originally broken by the liberal New York Times, Kelly told Burton a good way for the former secretary of state to talk to the people is for Clinton to actually talk to the media, and have a one-on-one interview.

“I don’t know what the strategy is exactly and who she’s going to talk to first,” Burton said. “No election has ever been won or lost by how many questions were taken from reporters.”

Of course, Hillary could have sat down with her good pal George Stephanopoulos and taken an hour’s worth of softball questions that would have amounted to a Hillary Clinton infomercial.

Unfortunately that chance was blown when he was exposed as one of her cronies.

Poor Hillary.


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