Boy Scouts ban water guns as ‘unkind’! ‘Building nanny boys one at a time’

With the hot summer months knocking, social media scorn is pouring down on a decision by the Boy Scouts of America to ban water gun fights at organized Scouting events – along with boomerangs, crossbows, potato guns and throwing stars.

The Scouts reasoning for including harmless water guns on a list with potentially deadly weapons like crossbows and throwing stars – along with flintlock rifles, sawed off shotguns and cannons?

“Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm is unauthorized,” the Scouts 2015 National Shooting Manual states, according to Scouting magazine.

Bryan Wendell, an Eagle Scout and senior editor of Boys’ Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazine, tried to explain.

“Why the rule? A Scouter once told me this explanation I liked quite a bit: A Scout is kind. What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?”

(That might sound OK to Mr. Wendell, but Twitter’s response was harsher, including the brutal “building nanny boys one at a time.”)

Oh, maybe hosing someone down with water on a hot day might be considered kind. Getting together with a bunch of other kids and having a blast with water guns might be a kind of kindness all it own, too.

And the idea of water guns being banned as simulated firearms – by an organization founded by a retired general for God’s sake – is simply ludicrous.

What wasn’t kind, to no one’s surprise, was the eruption of contempt on social media to the reminder. Are scouts so antsy about getting booed at Democrat conventions that they crawl like this to political correctness?

Even the libs at the Huffington Post are making fun of the Scouts (proving that you can’t appease the left. You can only fight it.)

This one summed up the general feeling pretty well.  



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