This is what American soldiers died for? Iraqi troops RUN as ‘JV’ ISIS takes city

When allied soldiers are fleeing in the face of the enemy and civilians are being massacred, it’s worse than “bad optics,” it’s a disaster.

As Americans watched the Iraqi city of Ramadi fall to the terrorists President Obama labeled a “JV” team only a year ago, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly brought the military disaster into perspective with two guests Monday night who labeled President Obama’s handling of the war as a disaster.

After showing video of the American-trained and financed Iraqi army fled before the Islamic State fighters in Ramadi – and leaving American-provided equipment in terrorist hands – Kelly turned to Pete Hegseth, president of Concerned Veterans for America , who placed the blame for the military setback clearly on the Oval Office and Obama’s distaste for a war he campaigned against from the beginning.

Kelly also showed heartbreaking video of the more than 200 American soldiers who died taking Ramadi during the Iraq War. “Retreat from the battlefield before it’s finished has consequences,” Hegseth said.

“This is a huge blow to the defeat of ISIS.

“It’s what happens when America doesn’t lead, doesn’t have moral clarity,” he said.

Kelly’s second guest, former Bush White House speechwriter Mark Thiessen, joined Hegseth in blaming the White House.

While Republican presidential candidates spent last week being asked whether they would support the 2003 invasion of Iraq, “given what we know now,” the real question, he said, is why the Obama administration ignored its own intelligence about the Islamic State to allow its fighters to renew the war in Iraq from Syria.

“We’re talking about the wrong things,” he said.

On Twitter meanwhile, scenes of the disaster were mingled with contempt for how Obama has bungled a war that was handed to him as a victory after President Bush’s surge pacified the very region surrounding Ramadi in 2008.    


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