Desperate media keep getting shunned by Hillary, eagerly await Rick Perry to emerge from bathroom

Talk about a contrast in press scrutiny.

On the same day Hillary Clinton dodged reporters at another small, well-crafted, Iowa event Tuesday in Mason City, three members of the media stood outside a men’s room in another part of the state, cameras in hand, waiting for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to emerge, Twitchy reported.

“The media eagerly awaits Perry, who’s reportedly going to the bathroom,” Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek wrote on Twitter.

Wow, what a scoop.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton pushed reporters out of her event in Mason City.

“Press ushered out of Clinton event as she begins to greet voters at Mason City house event,” Tony Leys of the Des Moines register tweeted.

“Clinton tells Iowans she likes small events. ‘I feel like it’s the best way to make those connections,.’” he wrote in another tweet.

Yep, small events without reporters so she doesn’t have to answer for her record.

As Clinton waved at the media, Leys reported one reporter, later named by some as Fox News’ Ed Henry, yelled to her “Why won’t you answer questions?”

The Twitterverse slammed both Clinton and the media for their skewed coverage.


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