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Chelsea’s difficult personality chasing out Clinton Foundation staffers, sources reveal

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Chelsea’s chasing them out!

Sources near the Clinton Foundation are divulging inside secrets and attributing the organization’s high turnover rate to Chelsea Clinton’s difficult personality.

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“A lot of people left because she was there. A lot of people left because she didn’t want them there,” a source told The New York Post’s Page Six.

“She is very difficult.”

Chelsea reportedly manipulates  top staffers like pieces on a checker board, prompting many to quit in disgust.

Previous CEO Bruce Lindsey was pushed to the position of chairman of the board two years ago so Chelsea could bring in an old colleague, Eric Braverman, according to the Post.

But even that didn’t last long.

“[Braverman] was her boy, but he tried to hire his own communications professional and actually tried to run the place,” an insider told the Post.

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“He didn’t understand that that wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing. He was pushed out.”

Chelsea has embraced living high-on-the-hog as a corporate CEO and employs a personal staff almost as big as her father’s, according to the Post.

“He has six [personal staffers]. She has five,” a source said.

Chelsea who once commanded a $600,000 per year salary from NBC for doing virtually nothing, was apparently no easier to work with while working there, and co-workers allegedly called her “unapproachable.”

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“If someone wanted to talk to Chelsea about something, they had to go through a producer,” an NBC source told the Post.

According to the Post, the high turnover rate at the Clinton Foundation also includes Matt McKenna, Chelsea’s ex-spokesman, and Ginny Ehrlich, founding CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, who now works for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Amidst growing scandals revolving around allegations that the Clinton Foundation has become a giant slush fund for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, foundation loyalists are disheartened.

“The operational planning has gone downhill,” a source told the Post.

“It’s sad to see what’s happening.”


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