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Things get heated between sexes at CNN: It’s not because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re wrong

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A pressure cooker exploded Monday during a debate between CNN contributors Marc Lamont Hill and TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer over the suitability of a Clinton presidency.

Hill claimed Clinton’s experience in the Senate and as secretary of state makes her highly accomplished.  Setmayer argued that all she has going for her is her last name — and her husband.

“Her strong point is that her last name is Clinton and that she has a husband that people adore,” she said.

“To say that the secretary of state and former senator has nothing going for her but her last name to me reeks of sexism,” Hill said.

Hill threw the “sexist” label Setmayer’s way throughout the debate, which she managed to slough off with little trouble. But when she threw the label back at him for suggesting she couldn’t interpret government labor statistical reports, the pressure cooker finally disintegrated.

“I’m not saying it because you’re a woman, I’m saying it because you’re wrong,” Hill said. “There are many women who get this right. You just happen to be wrong.”

The debate soon collapsed into cross-talk, with Hill getting visibly upset, and making wildly erroneous claims that the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes 12-year-olds who want go to school into the mix of the unemployed.

In short, Hill demonstrated that he can dish it out OK, but he can’t take it.

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