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Susan Sarandon blames Ronald Reagan for homelessness in most ironic way possible

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Ronald Reagan hasn’t been president for more than a quarter century, but that didn’t stop actress and liberal activist Susan Sarandon from blaming the Gipper for America’s homeless problem in 2015.

It’s all his fault. Really.

During an interview on PBS’s “Tavis and Smiley” last week promoting “Storied Streets,” a documentary dealing with the politics of homelessness that her son had released last year, Sarandon was asked if the issue is still on the nation’s “radar.”

“I think the conversation changed around the Reagan era where everything was your fault,” Sarandon said. “And so you were blamed for not trying hard enough, for drinking, for drugs, whatever.”

“Just like in the AIDS epidemic, the focus went on your lifestyle as opposed to what was actually happening.”

Note that Sarandon doesn’t seem to consider that what was “actually happening” was people making individual choices about how to live their lives — and seeing the consequences.

All she sees is that it was Reagan’s fault.

“And there is also compassion fatigue,” she said. “So people see it and it doesn’t get solved. And they just don’t want to see it any more. So it’s been a number of things that have happened, that have made us not want to deal with this issue.”

The film Sarandon has probably most remembered for is the 1988 baseball-themed motion picture “Bull Durham.”

1988 was also the year that Reagan was winding down his second term in the White House.

Stuck in the ’80s?

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