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Social media pounces on Dems’ ‘Mad Men’ farewell; did they really think they’d get away with it?

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Dueling Twitter posts about the end of the AMC series “Mad Men” pitted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio against the Democratic National Committee on Sunday.

And the DNC, beating its dead “war on women” horse to the end, came out the loser.

That’s because the party’s history with actual women — as opposed to the hyperpartisan Planned Parenthood or Debbie Wasserman Schultz variety — tends to leave women much worse for the experience.

And conservatives have no problems reminding the country of it.

First came Rubio’s tweet, which saluted the 1960s and ’70s era show, but said the country had long since moved past the time it portrayed — and subtly reminded voters which party is most associated with that era.

Meanwhile, the best the bright young minds at the DNC could come up with was this warmed-over gruel:

Conservatives didn’t take long to grab that low-hanging fruit.

But it isn’t just the “Mad Men” ethos of the Clinton Oval Office (and God knows where else), and it isn’t just the ancient history of “Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy leaving a campaign aide to drown while he salvaged his political career.

The Democrat Party of 2016 — and its likely anointee isn’t really women-friendly, no matter what the spin looks like.

That’s just reality, though. Democrats don’t like to fight in reality.



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