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Barack Obama finally joins Twitter; Buzz builds over who he ISN’T following

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The White House on Monday took a break from watching John Kerry get humiliated by the Chinese and news reports that Saudi Arabia is going to respond to his nuclear deal with Iran by buying off-the-shelf nukes from Pakistan to reassure anxious Americans with really big news.

So, the selfie president now has his very own form of self-expression in the 21st century. How did we ever get along without it?

But some sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed immediately that something — or someone — was missing from the commander in chief’s new contact list.

(In the pot-calling-the-kettle-black world of Democrat politics, that last one is inevitable.)

But it’s true. The president follows his own Cabinet (presumably to keep tabs on where John Kerry is being humiliated on any given day), his predecessors in office (minus Jimmy Carter, but who can blame him?) and Chicago sports teams (minus the Cubs.)

The former Michelle Robinson (also known as the first lady) is on the president’s follow list. But his former secretary of state and the woman who aspires to succeed him in the office of the presidency doesn’t make the cut. (At least she hadn’t as of Monday afternoon.)

There are a lot of reasons Barack Obama might want to keep his distance from Hillary.

The bad blood from the 2008 primary never really dried, despite her service in his Cabinet. And nobody really likes or trusts the person who’s trying to take their job, whether it’s in politics or in real life.

But corresponding with Hillary has its own dangers.

Half the time she’s going to delete you. The other half just might get you indicted. 


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