US intelligence fully aware Benghazi attacked planned at least 10 days in advance

Watch the latest video at Even at this point, it still matters. U.S. intelligence knew almost as soon as the bullets stopped flying that the Benghazi […]

Little sweetheart really hates avocados and her expressions are priceless!

My heart goes out to this poor girl. It took forever for her polite looks of terror to sink in to mom and dad. She gets points […]

Professor who made racially charged tweets in more trouble for what she did to white rape victim on Facebook

She likes to make fun of rape victims, too. The newly hired professor who made headlines at Boston University last week when she used a Twitter rant […]

‘This is crazy!’ Furious parents say school traumatized elementary kids with terrifying ‘intruder drill’

Scaring a schoolyard full of kids into thinking they’re about to be shot might not be the smartest way to prepare them for a school emergency, but […]

Barack Obama finally joins Twitter; Buzz builds over who he ISN’T following

The White House on Monday took a break from watching John Kerry get humiliated by the Chinese and news reports that Saudi Arabia is going to respond […]

Social media pounces on Dems’ ‘Mad Men’ farewell; did they really think they’d get away with it?

Dueling Twitter posts about the end of the AMC series “Mad Men” pitted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio against the Democratic National Committee on Sunday. And the DNC, […]

Marc Lamont Hill and TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer
Things get heated between sexes at CNN: It’s not because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re wrong

A pressure cooker exploded Monday during a debate between CNN contributors Marc Lamont Hill and TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer over the suitability of a Clinton presidency. Hill claimed […]

Susan Sarandon blames Ronald Reagan for homelessness in most ironic way possible

Watch the latest video at Ronald Reagan hasn’t been president for more than a quarter century, but that didn’t stop actress and liberal activist Susan Sarandon […]

Sharpton daughter1.jpg
Miraculously Sharpton’s daughter climbs MOUNTAIN after ‘sprained ankle’ – dumb enough to post pic

Forget 1,000 words. This picture might be worth 5 million dollars! A lawsuit filed by the daughter of activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton against the city […]

Obama limits military-style equipment feds can provide to police

Citing a possible misuse or overuse of military equipment by local authorities, the Obama administration announced Monday that it’s revising its policy on the transfer of surplus […]
Hacker tells FBI he took control of passenger jet, steering it sideways with a laptop!

Maybe the next 9/11 hijackers won’t need box-cutters. A computer hacker with a history of breaking into passenger jet entertainment systems was once able to take over […]

Immigrants illegally granted work permits against judge’s order blamed on computer glitch

Obama administration immigration officials are blaming their violation of a federal judge’s order on a computer foul-up that granted 2,000 illegal immigrants work permits to stay in […]