‘SNL’ opens season finale with hilarious Hillary mockery; Guess what she’s doing this summer?

Saturday Night Live” continued its months-long takedown of the Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidency Saturday with a cold open that hit hard on how Hillary will be spending the hot days of summer.

And the results are a riot.

SNL’s” Kate McKinnon playing Hillary is seeing more airtime than the real Hillary since the former secretary of state announced her candidacy officially via a video in April.

Clinton, of course, ran straight into a buzz saw because of her weird, unprecedented practice of conducting all of her government business on a private email account, then deleting half the emails on that account because, she said, their contents were none of the country’s business.

And the “SNL” writers and on-air talent have been on her ever since.

The George Stephanopoulos-tainted media might be willing to gloss over Hillary’s weaknesses in favor of a restoration of the Clintons in the White House. Fortunately, the country has a comedy show willing to do the job its media used to. (And some segments of it still do.)

Saturday was “SNL’s” finale for its 40th season.


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