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Obama WH stiffs Armed Forces Day celebration, but vets turn out in force for their comrades!

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This one was for the troops.

The Obama White House couldn’t find time to make its own contribution to the festivities, but Armed Forces Day was celebrated in a big way in Washington Saturday with Honor Flights bringing America’s veterans in from all over the country so they could enjoy the day’s activities and visit the memorials of a grateful country to their sacrifices for freedom.

Here’s a photo tweeted of Honor Flight Mike, out of Milwaukee — big anticipatory smiles.

And here’s Talons Out Honor Flight out of Grand Rapids, Mich., shortly after their arrival in Washington, D.C.

Everyone appreciates a good welcome and a “thank you for your service.”

Armed Forces Day not only honors those who are currently serving in uniform, but also veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. All of America’s fallen are represented by a single monument — a tomb. A somber, respectful ceremony was held there.

The day was perfect for the veterans as they visited their own special memorials — World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

There are few sights more awe-inspiring than a good silent drill team — and the Marines are among the best.

Former GOP Sen. Bob Dole, himself a wounded warrior from World War II, was on hand to welcome his brothers on arms, and Executive Director of Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Garry Gupton caught the action.

And Townhall editor and frequent Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich couldn’t help but notice.

Bring on the swingers — er, swing dancers! Memories of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and USO mixers.

Pavlich noticed the activity at the WWII Memorial also, and even managed to capture a vine of the action.

At the end of a long day, it was time to mount up, fall into ranks and head back to base — in this case Grand Rapids for the Talons Out Honor Flight home.

Their congressman, Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga, was there to record their departure and wish them godspeed.

The White House issued a pro-forma statement honoring the occasion on Friday (can’t interrupt that hard-working staff’s weekend!) so it re-tweeted the Defense Department’s tribute.

Those tine-deaf progressives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. did, however, find the words to honor the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Honoring the men and women who protect basic freedoms — on the day set aside for them — must have been too much to ask.

H/T: Twitchy

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