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MSNBC called out for OUTRAGEOUS tweet; it’s a joke when cops are almost killed?

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Here’s one reason why MSNBC’s ratings continue to tank:  Its staff seems to think it’s a joke when cops are almost killed.

The lefties’ favorite network tweeted a video Friday of a Savannah, Ga., police officer being dragged down the street by a driver he’d pulled over for questioning. It was captured by the officer’s body cam.

Along with the video, the MSNBC staffer wrote, “Does it count as a police chase if you drag the cop along for the ride?”

MSNBC replaced the actual sounds of the officer being dragged and then hitting the pavement when he was finally released with circus music. Hilarious, huh?

This was picked up Saturday by Kristinn Taylor, writing for The Gateway Pundit, who took a screenshot of the tweet.

MSNBC tweet

It’s a good thing Taylor took the screenshot, because shortly after she called the network out, MSNBC deleted the tweet and offered an apology.

It was a case of too little, too late, and social media users let the network know in no uncertain terms.

Here’s a newscast of the incident, via WIBW. Thankfully, the officer is reportedly OK.


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