How the Bible changed a bully: Pastor recounts inspirational story on ‘Fox & Friends’

When a bully met a Bible on a Texas school bus recently, something had to give.

And as “Fox & Friends Weekend” viewers learned Sunday, it was the bully’s heart that changed.

Pastor Vaughaligan Walwyn of CT Legacy Church in Houston appeared on the show to tell the story of how his children, Phoenix and Kingston, used an act of Christian kindness to defuse the kind of situation that all too often turns into grim headlines, or depressing police reports.

The story started about three months ago, when the Walwyn children started getting harassed on their bus to and from Turner Elementary School, according to KHOU. After their mother complained to the school, things settled down for a while, but the bullying soon started again.

The pastor’s initial reaction proved he wasn’t always a pastor.

“I sat back and was like, I don’t want to have to take my shirt off and meet [the bully] at the bus stop, you know what I mean,” Vaughaliagan Walwyn told KHOU. “So, I prayed about it and God said, you know what, let’s get this kid a Bible. Tell him Jesus loves him and invite him to church and see what happens.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

“We definitely try to live a Christ-like lifestyle,” Walwyn said on “Fox & Friends” Sunday. “I’m just thankful that they were able to see it in action. And not only did they do it, but they got to see great results from it.

Skeptics might point out that changing a bully’s behavior is rarely as easy as giving him a Bible.

Believers might respond, though, that sometimes it’s exactly that easy.

“I think the kid probably had an awareness of Christianity or had an awareness of what the Bible meant,” Walwyn said. “And when he saw it, I think it was a reminder of how he should have been living his life.”

Amen, pastor.


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