Former Obama adviser hints that Hillary’s silence is starting to hurt

Hillary Clinton better start answering questions or risk damaging her run toward the White House.

That according to David Axelrod, a former political advisor to President Bill Clinton and senior campaign advisor to President Barack Obama, when he appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday.

“She has to get out there, she has to answer questions,” he said. “She has to do it routinely so it’s not a major news event when she takes a few questions.”

“She has to start getting into the rhythm of a campaign, where she’s out there, she’s answering questions, she’s making speeches. It would be a terrible mistake to not do that,” he added.

According to a graphic shown on “Meet the Press” during the discussion, Bill Clinton has answered 39 questions on camera since Hillary Clinton announced she is running for president.

Meanwhile, Hillary answered a total of nine.

Is the feminist champion hiding behind her husband?

Which Clinton is it that’s running for president?


Audience reaction to Axelrod’s brainless claim that Obama administration has never had a major scandal.

Carmine Sabia


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