Democrat congresswoman literally RUNS from reporters asking about ‘racist’ remark

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez may have lost her U.S. Senate bid in the Golden State almost as soon as it started when she made a racially charged remark and gesture at an event this weekend, then literally ran from reporters who questioned her about it.

Appearing before an Indian-American caucus Saturday, the California Democrat attempted to use a joke to confess her confusion between Indian-Americans and Native Americans — she gave a war cry accompanied by simulated tomahawk swings.

The joke didn’t go as planned. This is the Democrat Party in California. Where other people see humor, they see “racism.”

Her opponent in the primary for the seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, was shown video of the Sanchez gaffe Saturday night.

“I don’t know what to say to that,” Harris said, unable to contain the laughter of disbelief.  ”That’s shocking.”

This isn’t Sanchez’s first Senate run mistake.

After announcing her candidacy last week, she traveled to California Thursday to launch her campaign. By doing so, she missed votes on two key issues that she’s basing her campaign on — immigration and defense, according to The Hill.

She couldn’t wait two days?

Sanchez soon became the source of ridicule on social media.

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